Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Express Tops from Labor Day Sale

I went to the mall over the long weekend to return some stuff, and I stopped in at Express since everything there was 40% off!  I learned something pretty cool too - apparently you can order anything that's on the Express website at their store, and they will ship to your house for free!  I think if you order online, you have to buy minimum $125 or something in order to get free shipping.  So this is pretty nice if you want to order less than that.  Though it would be even better if they just made shipping free all the time!

I got 3 tops and I actually really like all of them, especially considering what great prices they were.

Marled Rolled Sleeve Tunic Sweater in "Hot & Spicy".  Only paid $26 for this, down from original $44.

This looks like a picture from their catelogue

I think the color of this top is definitely brighter in person than these photos show.  It's more of an orange-coral type of color.  I love it.  I got it in size XS and it still fits pretty loose.  The way the models wear this top is one shoulder off.  But it can also be worn like a regular shirt, this is what it looks like that way:

This is a close up of the marled print:

I love that I can wear this top casually as well as to work.  So definitely a winner!

I got this cool Rhinestone Stripe tank in soft ivory.  I saw it online before, but it actually looks much better in person.  It was $29 instead of $49.   They only had one left at the store which was a size XS.  It fits loosely through the body but a little tighter in the chest since the material is not very stretchy.  I kind of like how loosely it fits the model below better than how it fits me.

On me, not quite as loose fitting.  I wish they had a size small as well to try on:

So I hope the rhinestones stay in place, because if one falls off, this tank will look really weird.  As I'm writing this, I'm thinking that maybe I will keep the tag on this one for a while and decide whether I should keep it or not.

The last shirt is casual but super cute and I'm definitely keeping.  It's the V-Neck Rolled Sleeve Slub Tee, in strawberry color.

It's a casual tee but it has rolled up sleeves so it dresses it up a tiny bit.  The material is like a semi-burnout type.  I think I could maybe make it work as a work shirt as well.  It was only $17, with original price of $29, which I don't even think is that bad to begin with.  But $17 is better for sure lol.

I also got size XS, and it fits pretty loose still:

I also ordered this cool looking (Minus the) Leather Quilted Mini Skirt that they did not have in the store.  So it's being shipped to me and I should get it soonish.  I received an Express catelogue in the mail today, and this skirt was on the cover!

Love it from the look of it!  I ordered a size 0 so I hope it fits.  Express is ridiculous with their vanity sizing, I actually tried on a skirt when I was in the store in size 00 and it fit me.  But I ordered 0 just in case this one runs a little smaller/tighter.  I really hope it works because it looks so cool!  Also great price, $35 instead of $59 regular price.

Can't wait to get this!!!


  1. Hi! Also love that skirt - is it real leather? I avoi animal products but would buy it if it was fau leather. Thanks for the blog!! I posted about 6 months ago that I had back problems from a car accident and started using the NROL you mentiined. I'm now doing crossfit and much stronger! Anyone done/hear of the Whole Fitness Challenge? Considering starting the upcoming one but the vegetarian diet seems really hard to me (I eat a lot of diary). Thanks!!!! Btw, you look great, sounds like you feel great too!

    1. It's not real leather, that's why the name is (minus the) leather... :)

      Wow good for you!!! That is really awesome! I've heard of this Whole 30 thing, but I am not jumping on that bandwagon lol. My thinking about it is that it's definitely got good points, i.e. eat real food with no additives, etc. but to completely eliminate entire food groups is not sustainable. Of course you are going to see results if you drastically change your eating habits, and it may be a good kick start for a lot of people. But the key to any diet is to figure out a good maintenance plan, otherwise you will just gain it all back and more. As for myself, I've already been eating pretty clean for a long time now. So I really don't feel the need to cut out my oatmeal, bread, quinoa, greek yogurt, etc. Besides, I workout a lot so I need the energy to fuel my body and grow muscles. :)

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