Friday, February 22, 2013

French Connection Dress & Tank

I ordered a French Connection dress and tank top on Hautelook a couple weeks ago.  They arrived in the mail today, and I think they are both keepers!  The dress is called Multi Jag Stripe dress, and it was marked down from $98 to $39.  I thought it was a cute summer dress that can be worn during the day, but it actually looks a little more dressy in person.  Maybe because it is a figure hugging tighter fit.  And there's actually shoulder pads inserted too, which was interesting.  Not huge ones though so you can't really tell.  The back is cute because it has a little key hole opening.  Overall I like the bright colors and contrast, and I think it's a cute dress!  So I'm definitely keeping it.

I got this dress in a size 4, and it says the model is wearing a size 4 in the photos as well.  It looks tighter on me than on her though.  I wouldn't mind if it was looser, so it can be worn more casually.  But too late.

The other thing I got is the Taboo Stripe top.  This one is definitely a lot more casual.  It fits me pretty much exactly the same as this model, in size S.  I like how she's wearing it with white pants.  I think it looks really cute with white pants or shorts so that's how I'll wear it too!

This top was only $19, down from $48.  I am really liking the bold colors lately!  So summery.  For some reason I am already in the mood for summer already, so I'm excited to wear it in the not too distant future!

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