Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Funday!

Before I start the real "Sunday Funday" post, I have to share something.  I think I have mentioned this before, but I got a pretty good deal for an engagement and wedding photographer.  Basically the whole package for the engagement session and wedding session turns out to be a little under $5k after taxes.  But I just have to fly the guy to Tahoe and pay for his room.  Shouldn't be too much.  His engagement photography is awesome - basically the package includes full hair and makeup session for the photos, and I get to use one of many gorgeous gowns he has in his store.  My fiance also gets a tux.  I think it's a great deal because the engagement session alone is $1000, and we've looked at other photographers that cost the same but they don't do your hair and makeup and definitely no gown for you to wear.  My photographer also has many awards and is featured in magazines all the time, no wonder he's so busy.

The photographer's studio has both wedding gowns as well as evening gowns of different colors.  We are supposed to be taking photos on Tuesday, so today I went there to pick out a gown.  I didn't know if I wanted a wedding gown or an evening gown, so I thought I'd just see what he had.  But, the very first gown I tried on turned out to be perfect!  And it's absolutely beautiful.  It's the La Sposa Felicia gown.  I tried on about 5 more different gowns afterwards but none compared to this beauty.  It makes me almost want to go out and buy it, but it has a pretty long train which won't work for my venue.  So I guess I will be living out my big princess gown fantasy during the engagement session. I think this dress will photograph beautifully and give the dramatic look.

The cool thing is that it is a perfect fit so no alterations needed!  It's got an inner corset, so it gives you the perfect hourglass figure.  I'm glad I get to wear it even if just for 2 hours!

After I picked out the gown and fiance got his tux fitted, we went a few doors down to get our nails done.  I wanted something cool for my photos and he just wanted a manicure.  Well, I got something cool alright... I know it's a little over the top, but I just couldn't help it after I saw pictures of it!

LOL!  It's the cutest design I've ever seen!!  My natural nails were not long enough for the design so I had to get the french tip acrylics.  What a coincidence because I went to this product launch party at the MAC Pro Shop on Robertson the other day and saw this cute Asian girl with crazy nails!  I think she had Hello Kitty and her whole entire family (did you know Hello Kitty actually has a twin sister and a whole family?  I just googled and found out) on every single nail!  It was way too crazy for me but looked really good on her with her funky outfit.  I love Asian girl styles, like in Japan or Korea.  I wish I could pull them off but I don't even know where to shop for them!

So I think my Hello Kitty nail on the ring finger looks good with the ring, don't you think?  And no I'm not 12 years old!  Hahahaha.

Ok now, I will stop digressing and start the actual Sunday Funday stuff!

Saturday, 4/2
What I did:  Ran for about 30 minutes, heavy weights for about 30 minutes.  Kind of boot campy type of class, with lots of squads and "manly" exercises.

What I woreLululemon Tri Y Tank in Snorkle Blue Gingham (from long time ago), and Run: Passion Crop in Bright Blue.  I wore my Angel Blue Define Jacket as to/from.

Monday, 4/4
What I did:  Ran outside for about 45 minutes.

What I wore:  Ok don't laugh at me - this is what happens when you ask your fiance to pick out an outfit for you.  Lululemon Run: Energy SL in Potion Purple, and matching Run: Energy skirt in Potion Purple... LOL! It was too funny not to wear.  It was like 80 degrees on Monday so it turned out to be a good outfit function wise.

Tuesday, 4/5
What I did:  Got to the gym early so I ran 2 miles before my power yoga class - it was a really hard class and I was sore for days from it.

What I wore:  Did NOT let the fiance pick out an outfit since I had to be seen by people at the gym!  So I wore my Cool Rackerback in static very violet, and Hot Move short in unicorn tears.  It started to cool down a little so I wore my Kitson hoodie as to/from.

Wednesday, 4/6
What I did:  Ran a few miles, then a 45 minute TRX class.  It was hard!

I forget what this print is called but I really like it.

Thursday 4/7:  Rest day

Friday 4/8:  Rest day

Saturday 4/9
What I did: Ran a mile then an hour of boxing, including one-on-one.  I am SO sore from it, I can barely move today.

What I wore: My new Lululemon Deep Breath tank, and Coal Groove Pants.  I loved the Deep Breath tank!  The support was definitely not as high as the old Deep V tanks, but good enough for me.  The neck didn't pull on me, and the shirt didn't ride up at all.  It was perfect!  In fact I liked it so much I went to Lululemon afterwards to get another one. But when I saw tango red in person, I decided I just don't like it enough to buy anything in it.  It looks just like alarming to me.  I wish it was a candy cane red or the red like the color of my gloves!  Oh well, we'll see what other colors this tank comes in.

Sunday, 4/10
What I did:  Ran a mile, then took a beach body class that consisted of a lot of jumping around, light weights with high reps, and pilates type moves.  

What I woreLululemon Hot Class tank, and black/power purle Groove Pants.  Wore my other Kitson hoodie as to/from even though it was hot today and I didn't really need it!  This hoodie is so cute, every time I wear it I get stopped by so many random girls exclaiming "OMG that is the cutest hoodie ever, where did you get it?!?".  So I'm glad I have it in 2 colors.  Lol.

Okie dokie.  I should go study now and then go to bed.  Hopefully I won't feel so sore tomorrow!


  1. Love the manicure!! So cute!

    Also one of my lulu regrets is not getting that same Varsity Energy Tank. I wanted that one and the passion/coal and totally missed out on it once I decided I needed it.

  2. Question: What time a day do you usually work out?
    Im have a problem with choosing when to eat and what to eat. I have recently joined the gym and the best time for me to go so i dont get lazy and just skip it is directly after work. I ate a meal once prior to and felt sick. but if i eat nothing from lunch until after my work out i feel dizzy. I now save my dinner for after the gym but is there something you would suggest as a light snack to eat before the gym to get rid of the dizzy feeling?

  3. Hi Lulumum! I know exactly the tank you are talking about! It had the grey stripe piping and was so cute. I regret not getting the sold angel blue Energy SL.

    @Anon: I used to go in the morning before work which was the BEST! I would highly recommend it if you can make it. I can't anymore because I now sometimes have to be at work by 5am, at the latest 7 am. So I can only go after work. It helps if you go directly from work to the gym. I do get lazy sometimes and decide to stay home. And as for food, I eat dinner after I workout too, otherwise I would puke. I eat lunch around 12:30 usually, and have a snack at about 3ish. It's usually a protein shake and a handful of almonds. Or a yogurt and some almonds. I have to eat at least 2 hours before I work out otherwise I get horrible cramps, especially when I run. This schedule works well for me. Hope it helps you!

  4. Gorgeous dress, perfect for the photos! I also love the hello kitty manicure, and all the workout outfits, SUPEER fun post!!!

    Do you eat plain raw almonds or dry roasted?

  5. Thanks strawb3rries! I actually have both types of almonds but I eat the raw unroasted unsalted kind 95% of the time. I do like trader Joes dry roasted unsalted almonds though.

  6. post your engagement photo! it would be nice without blurred faces : )

  7. Did you see luluaddict's post about dressing up for the gym? I always dress up to work out, unless I think I might end up ruining something (i.e. rock-climbing or paintball). I go to yoga 4-5 times a week, and run outside, and sometimes work out in the gym in my apartment complex where I'm only ever joined by our maintenance guy who comes to watch Spanish soccer with me! But I always dress up because it helps motivate me to go, to have energy and to sometimes even run an extra mile or to.

    I love your Sunday Funday crops. I totally shop your Lulu wardrobe the entire time (NEED white dance studio pants and passion crops now...) since we're about the same build. I'm also thinking about trying out kickboxing but I'm a little nervous about committing and buying gloves etc.

  8. Ooops meant Sunday Funday Posts ;o)

  9. That dress is stunning, the nicest one you have posted by far!!

  10. The dress will be beautiful for photos. Your manicure is so cute. Question: have you gotten the bow on the kitty caught on anything? I would be worried I would get it caught on something and pull the entire nail off (that would be just my luck). I haven't had gel nails done in awhile... you may have given me an idea :)

  11. @J: Well you see what I normally wear to the gym from the pics I've posted. I don't wear baggy t-shirts or ugly sweat pants nor do I own any. Lol. Getting my cute Lulu clothes beat up is always a motivation for me to go workout. And hey the white Dance pants are back! Hurry and go get them because they will sell out very very fast - I still remember the effort it took me to hunt down mine in a size 2.. hahaha... they virtually did not exist but lucky me! Perseverance pays off lol. And boxing is super fun! You definitely should give it a try. It makes you feel so empowered just having the wraps on even without the gloves! My advice is to get some nice wraps and don't spend too much on gloves.

    @Becky: I thought it would get caught but so far so good! It's only been like 3 days though! They really glued the 3D stuff on well. But I don't have high expectations of it staying on for weeks though...

  12. Hi! You picked out a gorgeous dress, do you mind telling me which photographer you're using? Thanks!


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