Monday, April 18, 2011

Harajuku Lovers Zip Up Hoodie and Where Are My Dance Studio Crops???

I love the funky look of Gwen Stefani's Harajuku line.  I got the cutest hoodie from Hautelook last week when Harajuku was on there.  I received it today and am totally in love!

I really love the Harajuku girls!  I think it's neat that they represent 5 different types of women.  It's all about individuality right?  Doesn't hurt to be cute too.  Hehe.

I know I have a serious hoodie obsession, and the last thing I need is another hoodie.  But I can't help it.  It's too cute.  It fits well too, and it's so soft and comfy.  I got it for a fantastic price of $25 bucks! 

On a different note, where the hell are my white Dance Studio Crops I ordered from Lululemon on Saturday???  I know I said I was cutting myself off from ordering another pair, but when I saw white I had to have them.  I'm flying to Florida tomorrow and I thought I'd have the white ones by now because it usually takes one day to get here.  And how perfect would they be for Florida vacay!  But when I check the tracking number it still says order cannot be found!  Then I got an email from the GEC saying I now have to use a different tracking number but that one says not found as well.  And definitely no FedEx delivery man today.  Ugh!!!  It seems they will arrive while I am away and will be sitting outside my door for a week!  I'm so sad!  Not only do I not get them for Florida, who knows what will happen to my package from sitting outside my door for so long!  I wonder if I can call FedEx to hold delivery.  But I think I need a working tracking number from Lululemon first!  Ughhhhhh!!!!!  Not a happy camper right now.  The only reason I was so excited to get them was for my trip, if they won't arrive by tomorrow I really won't have any use for them!


  1. Lululemon redid their website and many, many, many people who ordered from last Friday forward are having problems - order not processing, no tracking number, wrong tracking number. And Lulu has no idea why and how to fix it. All they are saying is "sorry rest assured your package will arrive." I placed three separate orders on Friday morning. One tracking number shows the destination as my city. Another shows the destination as another city in my state. The third shows the destination as a different city and state than the one in which I live! AND they all three have different arrival dates. Also, they changed their distribution warehouse from Cali to WA. So, cali buyers who used to get their package next day will now have to wait several days transit time. I'm in the midwest and my transit time has not changed (still around 6 days so I'm used to waiting). A TON of people are having these problems so you are not alone. Lulu has really messed up.

  2. That is very strange. I ordered the white studio crops too last Friday and I don't expect to get them till tomorrow or so because it usually takes that long since I live alllll the way in Arkansaawww. I'm really excited to wear mine to teach kickboxing in... I have them in black and I loooooove em!

    Anyways, my order is totally trackable... I think.

    Oh crap. I just tracked them again and I read it a little more carefully this time... and they are headed to Omaha, NE. hahahaha weird. Well..... I guess we'll see....

  3. I placed an order yesterday and my tracking info is correct -- so hopefully they have fixed this problem. Now if they could just get some new items up on the website -- to loose an entire season of sales to a website reno is pretty slack IMO!

    I hope you get your crops!! Have a great vacay!

  4. Whaaaatttt... they are not shipping out of southern CA anymore?? OMG I think I'm having a mini heart-attack! I definitely will not be buying online then, unless its something I really need that's not in stores. I know I'm spoiled with the fast shipping but what's the point of waiting for shipping when I can just go to the store the next day. Very annoying b/c it's never guaranteed that I would actually find my size in the store!

    I still have yet to track down my tracking number. Oh well, I don't really care at this point since I can take or leave those crops now.

    I can't believe Lulu screwed up this badly messing up everyone's order online. I've never seen this happen anywhere else. I know they are doing a website overhaul but it's taking soooo long and I can't believe they actually sold stuff without ironing out the kinks. It wouldn't even take my old sign in info. After I reset my password they've lost all my order history. I know how databases work - you just transfer the tables that hold the data from one server to the other. It's not that hard!!! Oh well! On the other hand I am now realizing I should not be spending so much money there anyway.

  5. I know what you mean -- we should have been buying the stock instead of the clothes -- it is thru the roof -- I cannot figure it out, especially after this fiasco -- plus -- they are still selling out of product in a day --i thought they were supposed to have more stock available --

  6. Oh I know... What's up with the stock. I knew I should have bought time and time again but never got around to it. Sigh... Who is buying their stock when they can't even get shipping correctly?? I think it's prob cheap now to short it and wait for the big drop and cash in! hahaha

  7. I am totally holding off placing any online orders... there is nothing I 'need' that badly anyways :) Also, I am used to the long week, sometimes it would take 2 weeks to get to NS.

    Love that hoodie that you ordered! So cute, I would love to have one!


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