Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding - Love Pippa Middleton's Dress!

I don't really follow the lives of the English royalty, but I was very interested to see what dress Kate Middleton would wear, especially since I have been looking for a wedding dress too.  I watched some of the wedding footage from the Royal Channel on YouTube.  Wow, that was a long and boring wedding!  I fast forwarded through most of it.  I mean it took her like 20 minutes to walk down the aisle.  And they sang for an HOUR before the ceremony!  Geesh, imagine being a guest at that wedding!  I'd be falling asleep.  I get that they had to follow tradition and do all this crap with the world watching them.  But just saying... it didn't seem like fun!

I thought Kate Middleton looked beautiful in her dress, but she's gorgeous so she probably would look good in anything.  The dress itself though, I don't get why everyone is giving it so much praise and saying she set the trend for all brides-to-be from now on.  Huh?  I wouldn't get caught dead in a long sleeve lace dress!  I know that they tried to put a modern twist to the dress and it fit her beautifully, but it is way too matronly for a non-princess wedding.  I actually couldn't help wondering if she had married a regular guy, would she have picked the same dress? From the pictures I've seen of her, she seems to have great fashion sense.  And to think Sarah Burton designed the dress - I would have expected something more fashion forward and modern.  Maybe fashion forward is not appropriate for a royal wedding, I guess.

Poor Prince William.. already losing his hair at such a young age!  I think Harry is much better looking!

I do really like her earrings though.  Very classy.

Her reception dress definitely shows off her slim waistline.  It is so Disney.

I really do think that her sister Pippa Middleton stole the show though.  If I had a sister/friend that looked that great at my wedding I would make her change.  LOL!  Her dress was gorgeous!  It's simple and elegant.  It reminds me of the Nicole Miller dresses I was looking at, though it is also Alexander McQueen.  Of course, she has a banging bod too.  It's one of those dresses that one would have to have a great body to wear.  She pulled it off perfectly.  When I first saw a picture of the royal wedding and Kate Middleton's dress, my eyes went immediately to her sister behind her.

Her hair is very cute half up and half down too, like Kate.  It's the perfect low-key look.  She looks like she's going to a beach wedding!  For my wedding, I was debating between doing my hair this way, a loose up-do or a low pony with my hair curled.  Now I'm leaning towards this look!

On a side note, how good did Posh look!  The dress is bleh but only she can look this great pregnant and wearing a sack.  And those sky high shoes!!!

And then there's the royal cousins.... hmmmmmm.... does the girl on the left own a mirror?  Maybe she thought she was going to an 80s prom.

What's up with the crazy hats??  Silly Brits.  =)


  1. I think you are correct in saying fashion forward is not Royal appropriate. Sarah Burton commented that Kate's dress was styled after Princess Grace of Monaco's dress per Kate which is ICONIC! Grace had style but she too at the time toned it down because it was a Royal wedding. It was subtle sexiness and I personally love both. On the otherhand...Pippa my god! That was just pure hotness down the aisle and she is not married or engaged so let her flaunt it and it looks like Kate did.

    I agree that Pippa stoled the show because I want that McQueen gown and I think more ladies on the US side are going to style their gowns after Pippa's dress than Kate's and then overseas they will style after Kate's.

    Great blog btw!

  2. Agreed, pippa's dress stole the show. That is where my eyes immediately went too.

  3. I think Kate's dress was perfect for HER wedding (ie. royal, in Westminster Abbey, etc) but would look 'off' at most other weddings. It's like how Diana's dress wouldn't have worked at a random wedding in Canada :)

    Did you see Pippa's dress from the evening reception?
    I think she looked stunning - the colour and style both suit her so well!

  4. Yep I saw the green dress too. I'm sure she won't be single for much longer!!

    I'm sure lots of brides will be copying Pippa's dress. Seriously, if it would fit me the same way as it does on her, I would so rock it.

  5. I thought Kate looked incredibly elegant. Her dress was gorgeous, she totally reminded me of Grace Kelly. She and William look so beautiful and natural together. I had many teary-eyed moments during the service remembering Diana...

    Pippa's dress was gorgeous too, but I don't think she outshone her sister, JMO.

    As for the royal cousins... ridiculous!

  6. I liked Kate's dress, timeless and elegant, not a trendy dress and very appropriate for her royal wedding. I am personally tired of all the strapless dresses, long sleeved lace with a twist is fashion forward, Europe is always ahead of the US.

  7. I've read that she was required, by tradition, to have sleeves - going without wasn't an option. So it was a good way to compromise and still have the strapless sweetheart neckline and the pretty lace overlay without having to resort to full-on stuffy sleeved-ness.

  8. Kate was stunning! She looked so classy and beautiful yet totally appropriate and traditional. She was required to have her arms covered because the wedding was in Westminster Abby so that wasn't a choice for her, but the gown was lovely and she wore it beautifully!

    I loved watching Will and Kate during the ceremony. They kept catching each other's eye or exchanging loving glances, whispering to each other, smiling.. It was so cute! It was very clear from seeing them that even though they've been together forever, they're still so in love. It made me happy!

    Pippa- she looked so incredible! Her dress was AMAZING and she wore it so well! I don't think she stole the show though - Kate looked really incredible too. SIDENOTE though - check out the picture on top of Will & Kate leaving the church - Pippa and Harry are totally giving each other bedroom eyes in the background hehe I don't blame him though, she looked incredible!
    - Jenn

  9. If anyone studies Royal tradition--if you marry in Westminter Abbey espcially a royal wedding u cant wear anything but long sleeves. Personally If it were me I would have had my sister change. The dress was very pretty but a little to low cut sor the abbey

  10. One more thing--isnt the bride the only one that should wear white???

  11. Haha... that's what I was wondering too... is it an English thing to have the maid of honor wear white as well? I do think it's weird that Kate's dress was so "traditional" and Pippa's was so modern and sexy. You'd think that if she was allowed to wear that dress, then Kate would have been allowed to wear at least a short sleeve dress too! Oh well, whatever!

  12. the best picture circulating of the royal wedding meets disney

    not spam I promise lol should give you a chuckle!


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