Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lululemon Run:Energy Skirt

About a week ago I was messing around on eBay, and came across the Lululemon Run:Energy Skirt in potion purple.  It was new with tags, and was listed as buy it now for $24 including shipping from Cananda!  So I decided to get one.  I never even knew this skirt came in potion purple color.

This color was never on the Lululemon website, and I never saw it in stores.  Not that I paid too much attention to this skirt though.  Probably because it looks way too tight on their stock pictures.

I didn't want a short skirt that was also tight like that across my behind!  Not a flattering look at all.  I actually did try this skirt on really quickly in store a while ago, and while I thought it was cute enough, I didn't like the color enough to pay $54.  I think I tried on angel blue.  I don't remember it being as tight on me as the model pictures show though and I tried my normal size.

So for $24, I thought it was a good enough price to give it a try.  I usually only stick to dark colors for bottoms because I'm not really into the 80s look.  Most of my bottoms are black or different shades of dark gray, with white being an exception.  So potion purple is definitely a branching out color for me.  But I think for a skirt it works.  If they were pants or crops, I would not have bought them in that color in a million years!

So I received this skirt today and I'm really really happy with it!  It fits much better than I remember from the time I tried it on in the store.  I actually will go so far as to say that the waistband fits me better than any other Lululemon bottoms I own!  And I have A LOT!  It's wide and comfortable, and the rise sits at the perfect spot on my hips.  This skirt is the perfect length, it's long enough to cover the butt, but still short and cute!  I think it would be so cute for tennis, even though I don't play tennis but maybe I should!

This skirt comes with built in liner shorts with elastic grippers on the hem.  The grippers are actually glittery!  Even though nobody will be able to see it but me, but it's such a cute touch!  The only other Lululemon running skirt I own is the Run:Jog Skirt, which also has the same built in liner shorts and they pretty much fit identically.  I've ran in the Jog Skirt and the shorts were very comfortable and never rode up.  So I'm hoping that the Energy Skirt won't either.  The Jog skirt also has ruching on the sides but towards the bottom, whereas the Energy Skirt's ruching is mostly on top.  The thing that always bugged me about the Jog Skirt was that the ruching made the skirt shorter on the sides than the front.  So I'm glad the Energy Skirt doesn't have this problem.

But I'm not sure if the Energy Skirt would stay in place during a run though.  There is no built in drawstring in the waistband to tighten the fit if need be which is a definitely disappointment.  Since they fit perfectly now, I think they are bound to slip a little when I'm moving around that much.  Who knows, will have to test this out.  It seems to me that the cord on the outside is more for aesthetics than function to me.  It doesn't really do a good job of tightening the waistband at all.  It will also most likely be bulky under tops since most of my tops are longer than that.  Oh well, those things aside, it's still a super cute skirt.

I wish I could wear running skirts to work out in all the time because they are just adorable.  I prefer them over shorts since the skirts provide greater range of movement.  Shorts will always flip up unless they are really really short, or sometimes ride up in the middle.  And with pants or crops, I'm always wary of the "camel toe" issue during my work outs.  Skirts eliminate all these concerns!  But they don't really work when I know I'll be doing any type of work out that requires bending over, or inversion, or anything that might make me flash myself to the world.  Too bad!

By the way, if anyone is interested in this skirt, there are still some left on eBay, in most sizes.  Can't go wrong for $24 including shipping!

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