Friday, April 15, 2011

Got My Wedding Favors!

Gilt is having their wedding sale right now so of course I was on there first thing when the sale started yesterday morning to see if I could snatch any good deals.  I was really hoping they'd have my Tadashi Shoji dress!  But no such luck.  Oh yeah, I did however, receive the size 4 I ordered last Saturday!  It fits perfectly!!!!!!!!  I am so much happier with the size 4!  The bodice fits like a glove, I won't have to worry at all about it falling down.  It is even about an inch shorter so it doesn't look quite as ridiculously long on me as the size 6.  Though I'd still need to get it altered.  But the inner lining is the perfect length, I would just need to get the outside organza portion hemmed up.  Yay!  I can't believe one size down makes such a flattering difference.  So I can now go back to Bloomingdale's and return the size 6 and get my $900 back.  I've returned my Sue Wong dress already yesterday - just can't deal with the feathers being so fragile and falling off already.  It was super easy.  How I love Bloomingdale's!

Ok now, back to the Gilt wedding sale.  I find it to be a bit disappointing since they don't have many dress styles that I'd even remotely consider.  No jewelry struck my fancy.  No cute shoes.  Not even invites or anything like that.  I think it was last year or the year before, but Gilt had a fantastic wedding sale.  I wasn't engaged back then so I wasn't going to buy anything.  Just browsed for fun and remember seeing so many cute dresses and invites that made me truly wish I was getting married!  I read on their blog about a "Gilt bride" who bought everything from Gilt for her wedding, from her dress to her decors down to every little detail.  I told myself when I plan for my wedding I'd definitely check Gilt out and hope they'd have another wedding sale so I could be a Gilt bride too!  And now here I am... it's just not the same.

With that said, I did get the Magnolia Company Oak Tree Wedding Favors!  I've been thinking about favors and I actually thought about beach towels, flip flops, sunscreen, etc. since my wedding will be at the beach house it would be cute to give out beach bag goodies.  And would be actually functional for guests.  But then again the wedding is at the end of September... it won't be that hot in Tahoe.  So when I saw the Oak Tree favors, I thought it would be a unique idea.  It would go with the Lake Tahoe location, as well as the fall theme.  I actually was thinking about picking up some pine cones to add to the table top decorations or whatnot when I get there (pine cones are everywhere in Tahoe), so this falls right in the same category.  Also I think the packaging looks nice.  Now I can have a somewhat rustic setting.  But rustic chic.  Lol.

They also have purple and black boxes, but I got the "pear green/ivory" ones because it looks earthier.   I don't have a particular wedding color, so I think this nice neutral of green and ivory will be perfect.  Some of the details say:

*Each favor has fresh moist moss with a tree seed nestled inside that has been carefully selected for the growing region of your wedding location
*Seeds are already germinated to ensure the success of the tree spouting
*Can be kept in a cold room or cooler for up to 6 months

Sounds pretty cool!  These boxes are supposed to be pretty big - 7 inch square by 6 inch height.  How big of a box do they have to use to ship them??  Each set comes with 12 boxes, so I got 5 sets since I'm supposed to have about 60 guests.  Maybe I should have got one more just in case.  Hmmm... the price is great at $60 for each set.  So that averages to $5 each box.  They also have one with single wrapped ribbon vs. double for $54 a set.  I figured it was worth it to pay the slightly higher price and get double crossed ribbons.  

It says on Gilt that they will contact you to set a date and will deliver them about 3 days before the wedding date to ensure freshness.  Not gonna lie, that's a little scary!  I sure hope this works out because if it doesn't, it will be too late to get anything else.  If that happens, I'd probably have to resort to Halloween candies!  At least I think they will be out in grocery stores by end of September!

But I have faith in Gilt and think everything will be alright.  I'm happy that this is one more thing crossed off the list! 


  1. Congratulations on finding your wedding dress, must be a big relief! I got engaged back in November and I haven't really even started looking at dresses or wedding planning! I was worried that I'd have to spend a fortune on a dress, but to be honest, it seems like such a waste of money to me, I'd rather spend the money on a trip!! I love your idea of ordering the dress from Bloomies, I had no idea you could even do that! I am definitely going to check it out!!
    :) Jenn

  2. Hi Jenn, those are my thinking exactly! But I quickly realized that you can't get a decent looking dress for much less than $1000. Sigh... I guess they really jack up the price for the "most special day of your life". I would soooo much rather spend the money on a trip. But I guess it's not just for me, but for family as well. I haven't done much planning either other than what I've posted. What a pain the butt. When is your wedding? Mine is in September so I still have some time. Every single married person I've talked to told me the single most regret they have now is spending too much on the wedding when they could have just gone on a trip or used the money as down payment for a house!

  3. I think those are really original wedding favours. Very pretty! I wonder if maybe you should have ordered an extra box though... maybe there is still time?

    Glad that the size 4 dress worked out, I hope you will post some pictures.

  4. Sorry, totally off topic here, but OMG! I received the Keen Spin Shoes today!!!!!! They fit me PERFECTLY! It is like they were made specifically for my feet! My Hubby was so excited for me, and when I was literally ripping open the box, he told me to 'be careful there!' I am wearing them now around the house, showed them to my son and told him these are for when we go biking together, he thinks they are pretty cool. He doesn't know it yet, but the 'Easter Bunny' is bringing him a new bike! (he is 6). I am so freaking excited about these shoes!

    Thank you so very much for being so generous and sending these out to me, and to the other winners as well. I can't believe I received them so fast, from California all the way to Nova Scotia, your shipping is faster than Lululemon's ever has been :) Again, thank you so very much, and I will be sure to send you a picture when I first wear them biking, probably a picture of my son and I together.

    Again, sorry to go off topic here, just wanted to let you know I received the shoes :)

  5. That's great to hear Becky! I shipped them using USPS, which is faster than FedEx?? Hmmmmm... FedEx quoted me 3 times more to ship there, and that was with my company's discount. Did you like my box wrapping with the Trader Joe's bag? LOL... I didn't have time to get an actual box to ship them in and I wanted to get them to you ASAP so had to improvise! =)

    I'm so glad the shoes fit you! I can't wait to hear all about them when you can take them out for a spin. A picture with your son sounds so cute and I'll love that too! Yay!! I think this means Jenn should have already gotten hers too, or will get them any day now!

  6. This blog is mind blowing. I have to admit at first I thought it didn't have anything interesting to offer, but after read some posts my opinion changed radically.


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