Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BCBG Max Azria Full Needle Knit Dress

I didn't have a chance to write yesterday because I was out in Pasadena taking my engagement photos after work!  The hair and makeup took about 2 hours, then I had to change into the dress and fiance into his tux.  I loooooved how they did my hair!  They put it into a messy up do with little braids across the top, and left down my side bangs.  I should have taken some pictures of it but I think that is exactly what I want to do for the actual wedding!  Then we drove out to Pasadena City Hall where we took the pictures because we wanted to capture the lights in the evening.  The City Hall has very nice looking European style architecture that has recently gone through a huge reno.   I guess a lot of couples take engagement pictures there, so we were completely unoriginal.  Here's a pic I found of what it looks like with the lights on at night.

According to my photographer who takes lots of photo sessions there, you don't really need a permit.  But of course when we showed up all dolled up, some lady in a booth told us we couldn't take pics unless we had a permit.  So we just took some pictures around these cherry blossom trees outside and waited till she locked up and went home then snuck in!  Whatever, it's a government property and we pay lots of taxes!

The main reason we chose the location is because our wedding location in Tahoe is all about the natural beauty and scenery with the lake, trees and all, so we wanted more architecture in the engagement pictures to have a different feel instead of beaches or parks.  It was a fun time taking pictures, but tiring.  I thought we'd be doing a lot more candid stuff, but our photographer carefully posed us for all the pictures.  He was very very particular about where to look, how high to hold your head, where to place your hands and feet, etc.  It was good for us since we have no idea how to pose!  It would be very awkward if we had to figure out how to do it ourselves.  I've seen his work and know he is good, but I still feel nervous!  I hope we got at least one great looking picture.  But as a friend of mine said, if out of hundreds of pictures you can't find at least a few good looking ones, it means you are ugly.  LOL!  Touche.

Anyway, so steering back on track, about a month ago I bought the BCBG Max Azria Full Needle Knit Dress from Hautelook.  I was really excited about this one and had been waiting for it to be delivered!  I was getting worried something might have happened to my order.  But alas, it is here at long last!  Got it yesterday when I got home!

I just really liked the look of this dress.  And the coolest thing is that the necklace not only comes with the dress, but it's removable!  I think the necklace really makes the dress and gives it something a bit more special.  I was really surprised at how heavy it is though!  It weighs a ton!  Must be because of all the metal bits in there.  The top is a very thin T-shirt material and it's a bit wrinkly right now since it was shipped in a bag.  I need to iron it and it will be good.  I thought I could wear this dress to work during the summer if it didn't look too short on me.  But now I don't know if it will be appropriate because the banded skirt is very body hugging.  Lol. Though it's not as short on me as the model - hits me at right above the knee.  I guess it's supposed to be the style - looser fit top and tight skirt.  And it does look good.  Maybe I can stretch out the skirt a little and get away with wearing it to work!

Anyway, I still really like the dress regardless and definitely will be finding occasions to wear it to.  I think it would definitely work as something to wear to a friend's birthday dinner/party or whatever.  And it looks great with a pair of high heel pumps! 

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