Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tadashi Shoji Dress Arrived!!!

The Tadashi Shoji dress I ordered from Bloomingdale's a few weeks ago was delivered on Thursday.  I think this one might be it!  Though I like the way the Sue Wong dress looks, I have thought about it more and I just don't think I want to deal with how high maintenance the feathers are.  When I was walking around the house with it, 2 feathers already fell out.  So if I wore it at my wedding, by the end of the night I might become a hairless chicken.  LOL.  The Tadashi Shoji dress is very comfortable and not high maintenance at all.  Plus I think it's a more flattering fit on me, though about 4 inches too long.  Are wedding dresses always made for giants?  Or supermodels rather.  Unfortunately my 5'5 frame with 4 inch heels just can't pull it off without alterations!

So when I first ripped open the box that this dress came in, I was immediately pleasantly surprised by the front detail of the dress!  I couldn't tell at all from the online pictures, even when zoomed in to the max, that the front has metallic fabric trims embedded within the other silk layers.  It makes the dress look so purrrty!  I took a detailed shot:

I love it!  It gives the dress a subtle sheen.  This dress is made really well I think.  The inner layer is soooo soft and comfortable against the skin.

I thought that the black sash was removable, but it's actually sewn into the side of the dress.  So no choice in using a different one unless I cut it off.  I don't really mind the black, and I think it would work with the dress.  But I was a little bummed since I wanted to use a lighter colored floral sash of some sort.

I ordered this dress in a size 6, since I had no idea how it would run.  I didn't know if there was a street size vs. wedding dress difference since in wedding dresses I wear a 6-8 depending on the dress and material.  Dress sizes are always tricky for me, because though I don't have big boobs, my upper torso is wide for my frame.  So many times I can zip a dress all the way up the waist and then I get stuck right around my boobs.  I don't know why I have this problem since I was never a swimmer.  I guess I'm just big boned... LOL!  But, this dress is actually quite stretchy on top, so the size 6 is a little loose for me.  Walking around the house, I had to keep pulling it up.  Also, since it doesn't fit as snug as it should, you can see faint outlines of the inner layer seams on the chest.  They really resemble nipples!  The fabric also doesn't sit smoothly.

See... not a good look.  I think if it fit my boobs well, I wouldn't have this problem.  I need this dress in a size 4, or get it taken in a little.  I actually went online to see if I could order a size 4 yesterday so I can compare the two sizes.  But it was all sold out!  I searched everywhere, all the major dept stores are out of size 4s, I even checked eBay!  I think they are probably phasing this dress out since it's from the Spring 2011 runway show.  It's probably now time for fall 2011 dresses.  BUT, just now when I was writing this post, I went on Bloomingdale's again and there it is!!!  The size 4 is back!  It must be meant to be!  So I ordered it and will be comparing both later on when I receive it.

I think it's funny that I keep ordering online when I literally live within walking distance to a Bloomingdale's store.  Oh well, it's just so convenient!  I don't even know if they actually have this dress in the store.  I'll be going there to make my returns though.  

I'm excited about this dress!  I sent a picture text to my mom and she thinks this is it too.  I have, however, seen this dress before on Gilt or Ruelala on sale for $299 or so I believe.  I just got an email that Gilt will be having their wedding sale starting this Thursday so I'll keep an eye out for that now that I know how this dress fits.  How great if I can actually get it for 1/3 of the retail price!!!  I know, I'm just being stingy now.  The retail price is actually not bad at all for a dress associated with the word "wedding".  =)


  1. Im sure a seamstress would be able to remove the black sash without even being able to notice. I think the flower sash you mentioned before would look amazing with this dress even in black. Love this one! absolutely my favorite youve showed us.

  2. I like this one better than the feather one.

  3. If your Fiance is wearing a black suit, the black sash may look gorgeous when you are standing together in your photos. Although, I do agree that a Seamstress would be able to remove the black sash with no problems if you have your heart set on the floral sash! I am anxious to hear your report on the size 4. This is very exciting, eh?

  4. This is such a gorgeous dress. I would were it at my wedding, it really says a statement!

  5. Good point Becky! We'll see how it works out.. it IS exciting! But kind of a pain at the same time. Hahaha. =)

  6. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see more pics of the dress if you have them. My wedding is in 35 days and the seamstress just said my current dress can't be altered to sit right against my chest! Ahh! I ordered 2 sizes of this dress from Nordstrom, but they will probably take 8 days to get here.

    If you have more pics you would like to share, my email is biosam99 (at) aol (dot) com. I'm a bit larger than you but I am dying to see it on a real person.

    Congrats on your wedding!


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