Thursday, April 7, 2011

Paris Hilton Kara Open Toe Pump

I tried out Beyond the Rack a second time and got these Paris Hilton Kara Open Toe Pumps.  I ordered them on 2/22.  They were just delivered today.  Wow, that is SLOW!  Though I've read different reviews of Beyond the Rack saying that some people never receive their orders, or they get wrong item/ wrong size / damaged merchandise, etc. and could not get their money back.  I guess I should count myself lucky that I received both of my orders and they didn't mess them up... LOL!  That's pretty sad.  I did return one of the shirts I got from the Joie sale a couple weeks ago to them, and still have not received my refund.  I also emailed their customer service but no response.  Sooo... I think I might just skip the headache and call my credit card company to get my refund that way.  And probably won't shop on this site again.  I actually almost called my credit card company regarding these shoes I got today since it took soooo long to arrive, and also I didn't think I wanted them anymore, but here they are:

I ordered them in a size 6, my normal size, but they are a little tight.  I really don't remember why I bought these, because I'm not that crazy about them right now.  I think it was because I thought they looked like good nuptial shoes, and I thought they were bluer than they actually are.  Hahaha.  They were cheap though, I got them for $30.  They are high but because they have built in platform, they are comfortable.  I think I could find uses for them.  I'd rather keep them than to deal with the return at Beyond the Rack.  They'd look cute with a black dress.  But I don't think I want to wear them at my wedding.

Actually the shoes that I really want right now are a pair of nude pumps! 

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