Friday, February 4, 2011

New Lululemon Hot Class Tank!

I can't believe the Hot Class tank is back right when I started doing hot yoga!  I almost feel like they did it for me!  I love my lagoon one that I got off of ebay.  The sheer luon body is amazing!  It's soooo soft and lovely.  So I had to order the new one in coal/purple crush when it showed up online yesterday!  Received it today and already wore it to my hot yoga class tonight!

The one that I really wanted last year (or was in 09?) but never was able to get, was the coal/faded zap.  I think I like the coal/purple crush even better!  Sometimes waiting does pay off...

Anyway, the tank seems to be exactly the same as the prior version.  The one thing that I don't like so much about my lagoon one, is that the material of the straps are so stretchy and soft.  When I move around in it, the straps near my shoulders tend to flip up and fold in half on itself.  But the straps on the new coal/purple crush one feels much more durable and stiffer.  They did not move at all during my class tonight, and it was a tough class with lots of moves and twists!  I don't know if it's because they changed the material, or because different colors sometimes feel differently.  Or purely because it's brand new?  Whatever it is, I like it.  Now this tank is absolutely perfect!

As I've mentioned before, it fits so nicely throughout the body.  Loose fitting but not prego looking.  The sides are cinchable but I don't mess with that because I like the way it falls.  But tonight was the first time I've worn sheer luon to hot yoga, and I have to say that it is AMAZING!  It's so much better than the circle mesh of my No Limit tanks which I've been wearing to the last 2 classes.  I now totally understand why the Hot Class tank was so popular for hot yogis!  The sheer luon material is almost like a sponge, it soaks up all the sweat, but it doesn't cling to your body!  I didn't feel wet at all when I was working out, in fact I had to check my shirt to make sure I really was sweating!  And by the way, this coal color doesn't show sweat at all, you have to really look to know that it's wet.  The sheer luon material dries super fast too, I was completely drenched when I got out of class but by the time I got home (5 minute drive tops), it was already pretty much dry!  When I wore my No Limit tanks to hot yoga, they would be so wet, cold and uncomfortable during the drive home.  And then they would take hours to dry after I took them off.  Dang... I don't think I can wear anything other than sheer luon to hot yoga from now on!

Ok I'm super crossing my fingers for more colors to come out in this tank.  I actually would love a reversal of the coal/purple crush.  Like this senorita pink one from before, but purple crush instead, with coal accents.

Or I would love any other nice color!  I didn't like the aruba one so much because of the two toned look:

It's not bad, I would just prefer either a solid color or one like mine with mostly the same color but a different accent color.  But I will not buy a solid black tank, especially not for full price.  So boring.  Yawn.

I did, however, buy the Hot Class bra in solid black, as it was only $29 for some reason. 

I just noticed that it is now back at full price.  Weird!  It must have been the old black one I got, because the picture was different too.  But the tag on the bra I received today says $42.  Well I also didn't get charged sales tax yesterday with my order.  So maybe they were having issues.

I also almost bought the matching coal / purple crush Hot Class Short, but decided I wouldn't use them that much because they are so skimpy!  I'm not brave enough lol.  And for some reason they are cutting into the sides of this very skinny model.  I don't want that look.

Hmmm... the pictures of the older versions do the same thing to the model.  I never tried these on in store before.  Maybe the waistband is just too tight because these models are way small! 

By the way, I wore my potion purple slipless headband tonight, and it was a nice compliment to the purple crush.  Not an exact match, but they look good together.  Being matchy matchy isn't my thing anyway because I feel like that's just trying way too hard and I don't want to be limited to buying only certain colors to match each other, but I also don't want to dress like I'm color blind.  So complimentary colors work great for me.

Another side note, I don't really like the slipless headband, because they slip off of my head unless I use bobby pins too.  But it's nice to have a headband for hot yoga so sweat doesn't drip in your eyes.  And I have so many slipless headbands as a result of going to too many Lululemon events where they hand them out as freebies so I'm glad I can start using them more.  Last time I went to a store held yoga class they handed out headbands again, and I asked for a pair of the Ultimate Running socks instead.  Lol.  Now only if they would make them into no show socks, that would be awesome!


  1. The Ultimate No Show Socks from Lulu will be coming out soon. Its already in stores in Australia.

  2. No way! That's amazing! Maybe I'm just super in sync with Lululemon! Hahaha... that was always a pet peeve of mine with all Lululemon socks. I hate it when socks show above my running shoes, and Lulu socks always show a lot! That's why most of the time I wore my Nike or Puma socks. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. You are really making me want to go try this tank on again. I tried it on quickly earlier this week and I didn't love it but maybe I didn't give it enough of a chance. I love that it dries so quickly. I like the coal/purple crush color the best. I wore a potion purple Flow Y yesterday with my purple crush CRB, so I know what you mean about it being a good compliment. When I was going to Bikram I used to wear the Untwisted Headband. It is much wider than the slipless but it never slipped. How's the hot yoga classes coming along?

  4. You know that's funny you say that... the first time I ever tried this tank on, in coal/faded zap the very first time it came out, I thought it was cute but nothing special. It wasn't until they were completely gone that I realized how I missed out! That was when I started stalking ebay for them but they barely ever show up. And I fell in love with my lagoon one despite the strap issue as mentioned. I'm in love with it even more now that I've found out how great it is for hot yoga!

    The hot yoga classes are awesome! I went 3 times this week so far! I'm really taking adv of the free week hehe. It's amazing how fast you get used to working out in the heat. It doesn't bother me at all anymore. The teachers I've had were all great, and I tried the yoga/weights combined class. It was like yoga boot camp! We were doing jump squads and mountain climbers and the like. I think we must have done 100 push ups too! Very different! Those things are way harder to do in the heat haha. I will definitely keep it up by going at least once a week. More reason for me to buy more Hot Class tanks!

  5. I have the old hot class shorts in senorita pink/black, and I almost never wear them because I feel like I'm putting on a show! They are definitely not appropriate for the gym I work out at. I think the last time I wore them was actually running in Hawaii, but they're also good for lounging. The waistband doesn't dig into me, though, and I'm not as small as the models, so they might be worth trying on if you're considering them.

  6. I've been looking for a new hot yoga tank. Maybe I'll try the Hot Class tank. The Push Ur Limit and I think my old Swift tanks were a bit too warm for me. Did the Hot Yoga tank exposure too much when you were inversions? We have a few men in our class and I don't want to give them some free shows. By the way, what did you wear on the bottom? I don't think I can wear the Hot Class Shorts.

  7. This morning I was running on the treadmill at my gym and I saw a lady walk by wearing the Senorita Pink/Black you posted. I couldn't believe. That color combination is so cute. I wish they would release it again. I can't believe you're do a bootcamp type workout in that hot room. I don't know if I could do it. I loved Bikram and can't wait to get back into it but I couldn't imagine doing jump squats and mountain climbers in that heat, I think I'd pass out, but then again I never thought I'd be able to handle the heat of the Bikram class and it didn't bother me at all.

  8. @Fisherman's Wife: Thanks for the info on the shorts! I will have to go try them on and see...

    @Lulu IT Girl: I don't think this tank exposed too much in inversions. But if you have a bigger chest, it might. The body doesn't flip up or anything though. I don't think my Push Ur Limit tanks would be as nice as the Hot Class, but I haven't tried that. I'm weird though I like to only wear luxtreme tanks to do cardio workouts and more "earthy" material to do yoga. Lol. I have worn my Wunder Unders as well as Astro crops. I really like the Astro crops, because they are the perfect length, and I can still do crow pose without skin on skin (sweat on sweat) contact. I see a lot of girls in my classes wear shorts like the Hot Class shorts and a sports bra though. Maybe I'll try my Boogie short one day...

    @Kim: I know, I love that color combo too. Who knows, maybe it will come back! I think you would definitely be able to do boot camp type of workouts in the hot yoga room. In the class I took, we took breaks by doing vinyasas. Lol. It's tough, but I think it's the same as yoga... after the initial discomfort is over, you won't even notice the heat anymore.

  9. The no show socks are awesome! I bought a pair to test them out and they don't slip and are relatively hidden, at least from the front. You can see a little bit of colour at the back and sides, but they're much better than the ultimate running socks length.

  10. I am an absolute freak about no show socks (ask my poor hubby) and I have found that the best ones for me were at Finishline == the finishline brand-- way cheap and low enough without being to low that they slip off in the back


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