Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kitson LA

I ordered Kitson LA from Hautelook again last week.  I guess I did go a little crazy shopping on that site!  But they had my beloved Peace Hoodie again that I got for $17 a while ago in blue.  After I received it, I had wished that I got another color because it's an amazing hoodie!  So comfy and I get tons of compliments every time I wear it.  So I grabbed the white one as well.

For some reason the white one is a little longer than my blue one.  So I might like it better!  I just love the design of this hoodie and softness of the fabric.  I love burn out stuff, and to have it on a cute and comfy hoodie is the perfect combo!  I also really like that it's a light weight hoodie that's perfect for the weather here.  I can literally wear it all year round!  I think when I first got the blue one, I was obsessed with it and wore it for 2 weeks straight every night just hanging out at home.  I'm really happy I got the white one, but I really hope I can keep it clean!  That's always a challenge with white clothes, since I tend to be a slob and spill things on myself a lot.

I also got a Kitson Dolman Tee just because it was only $10.

Just a comfy graphic tee.  I like the cuffed sleeves and the beaded details on some of the graphic on the front.  Fits loosely but is tighter at the bottom around the hips.  I think it's a cute outfit how they styled the model with jean shorts.  Definitely a very "LA" look.

Lastly I got the Love hoodie.

I liked the longer style and the contrast lining as can be seen on the inside of the hood.  The metal zipper pull detail is an emblem of "Kitson" logo, and the decorations hanging from the hood strings are cute metal rounded studs as well.  And I thought the back right shoulder detail was cute.

But I think they sent me either a worn/returned item or a defective!  The zipper doesn't really zip - I had to wrestle with it in order to zip it down.  And the lining is horribly pilled, with a million little cotton ball thingies.  What the hell?  It was only $19, but had I known about the condition of this hoodie I would not have bought it.  This sale was non-returnable, but I'm contacting Hautelook to make an exception.  I'm not paying for return shipping either.  Oh well, not a big loss - this hoodie kind of reminds me of Victoria's Secret Pink anyways!  And I really don't need another hoodie!


  1. I had a similar problem with a Hautelook order where there was a stain on a non-returnable item -- They were great about the return and sent me a prepaid label-- Hope they are good to you!

  2. Thanks! I just talked to them and they said they are sending me a prepaid label to return it as well! It was easy breezy.


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