Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lululemon Deep Breath Tank - Beautiful!

My fiance was so good to me today and went to check out Lululemon to see if they got anything new while I was at work.  He works really close to a store, otherwise he wouldn't be that nice lol.  And I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but he used to be in movie production and editing until his old company went down due to the bad economy.  Then he started the gym business (a private studio) with his friend and now he's a trainer, but also free lance editor.  Funny how life works.  But because of his new gig, he knows all the Lululemon girls at the store by his studio.  They actually just told them that they want to make their studio an ambassador studio!  It's great, their workout is so tough and awesome, but I really just think the girls have a crush on them!  LOL!  His friend looks just like a clean cut version of John Mayer, and my fiance is really cute too (I better think so right?), he looks a lot like Andy Roddick if you need a mental picture. Seriously, they've both been mistaken as their respective celeb lookalikes, and people have asked for their autograph.

So today he went into the Lululemon store asking if they got anything new, and I guess they had got tons of boxes yesterday that they hadn't even unpacked.  But because they like him, they went to the back and brought out this gorgeous new Deep Breath tank that they planned to put out tomorrow!  He took it home for me of course, and it also comes in solid black and tango red, which he said were really cute too.  But out of the pictures I saw, I liked mine the best.

Sorry for the bloated pic... I just stuffed my face with a bunch of yummy Thai food... LOL.. probably not a good time to take pics but oh well!

I don't know what the graphic print is called, but the code is BLK/HBLG/BCTI.  It's like a water color painting.  I like how it looks with the black tank and the gray stripe next to it.  It's a very striking tank.  It reminds me a lot of the Athletic Deep V tanks that I used to own.  I had maybe 5 or 6 of them, but have sold them all because I started thinking that they made me look too matronly.  Then I really regretted it!  So I'm glad the Deep Breath tank is now out because I think I like it even better!  It's made of light luon, and it's longer than the Athletic Deep V.  I actually didn't think it would be as long as it is, when I was just holding it up looking at it.  It's form fitting around the tummy, but not as tight as say... the Scoop Neck tank.  I find this one to have a little bit more room.  The straps and chest are pretty supportive, almost as supportive as the Athletic Deep V, but not as tight fitting.  I think the neck might pull after a while, but I will have to try it out and see.  The back of this tank looks pretty similar to the Scoop Neck too.  It definitely enhances the chest!  Much more flattering than the Pure Balance tank that smashed my boobs down and pulled them to the opposite sides. 

Here are some other close shots of the print!

So I know I've only had this tank for a few hours, but I really want another one already!  My fiance said the tango red was an orangy red, so that one is out.  Booo... I thought it was a true red from the photos.  All black is too boring for me, so I'm gonna have to wait and hope it comes out in more colors!  Preferrably with different colors/prints on the front like this one.


  1. This tank also comes in Grapeseed (a light purple) tried it on today at my store. I really liked it, I should have tried a size down but I was in a hurry. I tend to stay away from pastels because I don't think they work well with my Asian skintone. But I walked away with a heathered grapeseed CRB tonight, I'm in love with the material.

    You look fabulous in this tank and it makes me want it even more. Also your fiancé is so nice to go to lulu for you!! Does he have a brother? Lol seriously! After those celeb mental pictures I'm intrigued. ;-)

  2. I got the same tank today in both the black and the tango. I tried on the black and FELL IN LOVE. It is sooooo flattering. I'm an A cup on a good day and it made me look like I had boobs WITHOUT cup inserts which is pretty much a miracle. I liked it so much that I got the tango as well (and if my store gets grapeseed I'll buy that one too). My advice is go back and get the tango. I was also hoping for a more bluish/true red rather than an orangy red simply because tango is quite close to alarming and I have an alarming crb already but tango is a high-energy and flattering color. I think this tank will sell quickly in popular sizes. I think this may be my fave all-time tank with a built in bra (my fave tank is the CRB).

  3. I tried this tank on in Grapeseed when I was at the Halifax Lulu over the weekend. I liked it, but it was too low cut for my comfort levels (showed my scars). I think I needed to size down in it actually, it was a bit big on me. However, I was in a hurry and didn't bother. It is a beautiful tank though.

  4. I found it to provide good coverage.

  5. I love your blog and I love Lululemon! You look great in the outfit! My height is same as yours (5'5"), I have similar complexion, but I am bigger (Size 6 or size 8 top & 4 or 6 bottoms, shoe size 8). So I am curious if the tank will look good on me too. I am going to the store to check it out!

  6. Love this tank --looks so cute on you!!

    So bummed that the site is all black items since I do not have a local lulu. What do you think of the planned site upgrade-- I think it has been executed so poorly by not having new product available and only selling black items -- other bigger sites have done major site overhauls and only have been down for 12 hours. I am confused with their e-commerce team! They should have at the very least kept the GEC taking phone orders until the transition was completed. Ok-- rant over!!!

  7. That tank looks awesome on you! Then again, you seem to look cute in everything! I've been hoping for the Deep V to come back and it sounds like this is even better. Please report back and let us know if the neck does start to feel like it's digging in (like the the Scoop Neck Tank).

  8. Hmm grape seed would be pretty, but I don't really want/need another purple tank. This is definitely cleavage-tastic! But I don't think it's too indecent, it's just perfect! I don't think I could size down this tank. It would be way too tight around the chest. I went with my regular size.

    @Yumi: Sounds like it will look great on you! I'm sure you'll get the attention from all the boys at the gym. Lol.

    @momof5: I know, I thought that was so weird they have to take this long to update their website. I've read that a 3rd party is maintaining their site right now which is why it's more complicated. But one would think that a public company that's very profitable would have the new site well tested and run it parallel to the old site. Then when everything seems ok, stop the parallel phase and transition everything over within 12 hours or however long they need. And you are right, it's pretty weird that they stopped phone sales before this whole production. Maybe it's just poor planning! Or maybe they are making so much money that they just don't care? Lol.

    @andrea2251: I will definitely provide an update once I try it. Last night when I tried it on, my shoulder/neck area was pretty sore - still am sore actually, from working out. So maybe that's why it was extra sensitive. I hope it's not like the Scoop Neck tank because even though I think it's a really cute tank, it pulls on my neck and I've sold all of mine and won't be buying another.

  9. LOL, I NEVER get any attention from guys any more sadly, especially after 2 kids and all. BTW, do the tank run TTS? The style may be too revealing for me to be comfortable but would love to give it a try.

  10. @Kate My younger brother (27) is moving out to Los Angeles at the end of the month.......

  11. That tank looks great on you! Lucky girl for getting presents from Fiance, my BF just bought me back the new running jacket from San Fran, sooo cute that he has all of SF to buy from and he gets me something from LuLu :o)
    Ps: loving the wedding updates!


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