Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lululemon Dance: Strap Tank - Graphic print

I bought another Lululemon Dance:Strap Tank from ebay last week which just arrived today.  I really love this tank style, and I believe it is the tank that most embodies the Lululemon "from work out to night out" idea. 

I don't know the name of this print.  But I remember seeing it on a different Lululemon tank at my gym about a year or so ago.  I didn't like the style of that tank so I didn't pay much attention to the name of the print.  But I like it on the Dance: Strap tank.  

I actually found this listing about 5 minutes before the auction ended, so it was a very quick "to bid or not to bid" decision.  I almost didn't since I already have this tank in all white.  But then decided I just couldn't pass it up for $17 or whatever it was - super cheap.  

This one feels thinner and softer than my white one and gold one.  Weird.  I wonder if it's a different material.  I also noticed the hidden Lululemon logo within the print - very cute idea.  I wish Lululemon would start doing pretty feminine prints like this again though.  They have been doing all solid colors for a while now.  Well, minus some horizontal stripes here and there which I'm not a fan of. 

I plan to buy as many of this tank as I can find on ebay.  Or dare I hope that Lululemon would bring it back??  I know that they made tons of different colors in this tank, and I plan to collect every last one of them!  I wore my gold one out one night to a party, with my Lululemon Wunder Groove Crops and Steve Madden Xenonn knee high boots over.  Oh, and shiny dangly earrings!  It was super cute and comfy.  None of my friends could believe I was wearing an entire work out outfit (and they are fashionistas)!  It made me remember why I love Lululemon so much.  I've also worn my Dance: Strap tanks to work under my suit jackets as well.  Talk about being versatile!

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