Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lululemon Inner Strength Tank

So I hadn't bought anything at Lululemon lately since I'm tired of all the same designs and colors.  Basically everything came in either lagoon (teal like color), chirp (baby yellow), or tang light (orange).  I have a chirp Scoop Neck Tank and a lagoon Run:Swiftly Tech SS and I'm done with those colors.  Nice colors, but how many things in those colors do you need?  For me just one each.  Tang light is ok I think, but I'm not sure how it goes with my skin tone.  I think I will hold out for a lavender color to come out later. 

Well, the new Inner Strength Tank came out this week.  Finally a new nice design!!  I fell in love with it right away when I first saw the product notification, even though it looks awfully like the Cool Racerback.  I tried it on today in store, and it was super comfortable and cute, so I actually returned my Cool Racerback in chirp that I bought recently for the white/teeny stripe Inner Strength tank.


This tank comes in white (as shown above - the one I bought), lagoon, hot pink, and black.  The white one is the only one that has different colors on the shoulders and back.  I didn't like the other colors because there's just nothing too special about them.  I'm having an overload of those colors.  They don't even have nice contrasting colors or prints.  Why spent $52 to get one when you can spend $39 and get a Cool Racerback and nobody would even be able to tell the difference.  So I got the white one even though I already have a Cool Racerback in white that looks similar - at least I have different colored straps!  Hehe.

The Inner Strength tank has built in shelf bra, and the band is adjustable!  I love this feature because some Lululemon tanks have very tight bra bands that can be uncomfortable after extended wear.  Basically the adjustable part is on the inside of the tank so you can't see it from the outside.  It's like a normal bra hook, but on the front, on both sides.  There are at least 5 different levels you can adjust to.  I'm leaving it on the loosest hook as of now and it's SO comfortable, barely there type of feel.  If I'm doing more high impact activities, I may adjust it tighter, but not like I have much boobs to hold in place so I may just leave it as is!

Plus this color scheme matches my Stride Jacket perfectly...

I got this tank in the same size as my other Lululemon tanks.  The length of the tank is about the same as the Cool Racerback - both long fitting tanks, but it fits tighter in the tummy area.  I love how form fitting it is.  I didn't notice this in the store, but the front is slightly longer than the back.  It kind of curves a little.  Not very noticeable at all, otherwise I would take it back to the store to get hemmed straight.  I'm just normally not a fan of the curvature on the bottom of any tank/shirt.  

Anyway, I really hope the Inner Strength tank comes in more new colors.  I would buy another one in a second if it came in, say, lavender!  I just saw the new Lululemon spring/summer color palettes, and lavender is one the list.  So that's what I'm looking forward to!  In the meantime, if they keep coming out with different stuff in lagoon, chirp and tang light, they are going to be saving me A LOT of money.

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