Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lululemon Stride Jacket, Luscious Luluthong, Luscious Hotshort & Sattvic Bra

Lululemon Stride Jacket White / Athletica Grey Teeny Stripe


I ordered the Lululemon Stride Jacket in White / Athletica Grey Teeny Stripe the other day and it came today!  I had tried this jacket on in the Santa Monica store a couple weeks ago when this print first came out in my regular size (I normally wear size 4 in most Lulu stuff), but the shoulder and upper arm part were a little loose.  I also wasn't sure about the fact that it has both a collar and a hood.  So from the front, you only see the collar, but you see the collar and the hood from the back.  Not that I disliked it, I just didn't know how to feel about it, plus at the price of $108, I decided not to get it.  Well, after that I kept thinking about it, because it's just so darn cute!  So I got the size 2 from the website.  I figured I would try it on for size (the store didn't have size 2), and could always return it to the store if I didn't want to keep it.

Well, the size 2 fits pretty well!  The shoulder and upper arm area is definitely more fitting.  I'm much happier with the fit now.  The rest of it fits well but not tight so it's actually pretty perfect.  I'm normally not a fan of horizontal stripes, but this jacket is surprisingly flattering.  So I wonder, since size 2 is the smallest size Lululemon makes, girls smaller than me probably can't wear this jacket?  Unless they like the loose fit?  I think it's supposed to fit a bit loose, but I like it better fitted.

Hmm... so I may have to keep this one. This jacket is made of luon, which means I can wear it out running and it will wick away sweat.  But since it's so cute, I can also wear it as an everyday jacket.  In that way it is definitely versatile (versatility is a running theme with me!).  It's also very comfortable since it's luon.  I like the length.  It is a bit longer, but not so long that it covers the bum.  It ends a couple inches past my hip bones, so maybe half way covers the bum.  I actually tried on the Lululemon Wear With All Jacket that everyone loves so much before.  It's a long jacket that completely covers the bum.  But I didn't like how it fit.  It was weird that it went so long, it definitely elongated the torso while making me look short and boxy - bad combo.  I looked like a straight line with no curves and two short sticks sticking out on the bottom.  I guess maybe that is why most women like that jacket - it makes the hips look smaller.  But I have small hips already so it just made me look less womanly I suppose.  And I hate looking short!  Anyway, the point is, the Stride Jacket fits much better on me.  It's a definite winner, so needless to say, the only thing that's making me reconsider whether to keep it or not is the price!

Lululemon Luscious Luluthong, Luscious Hotshort & Sattvic Bra

Lululemon has been updating their "loot", or sale, section of the website lately with lots of goodies at great prices.   For example, they have the Luscious Luluthongs and Luscious Hotshorts for $3 each, from original price of $12 and $14.  So I grabbed a couple of those.  They also have the Sattvic Bra for $5.  What awesome deals!!  I had never tried on any of the items before, but I got them since they are just so cheap.


Well I received them today, they seem to be nothing too special, just good old underwear.  Definitely a steal at $3.  I think the hotshorts fit almost too big.  I got size S in them, since they only come in S, M or L.  So I'm assuming S is the smallest they make.  But if they made XS in them, they would definitely fit me better.  Well I would only wear them to sleep in and hang around the house, not to the gym or walk around outside, so no need to worry about them falling down as I work out.  Though I believe they are made to work out in, as they are supposed to wick away sweat.

The thongs are very very comfortable!  They are more like V strings, not thongs since the straps are thin and makes a V shape at the back.  The size S fit really well - the sides don't dig in or anything.  Feels very comfortable like you are not wearing anything.  Maybe I should get more!  Too bad they only have white and pink.  How many pairs of white and pink thongs does a girl need?  I would definitely work out in them and try out their wicking ability.  It's funny though, I never thought about having sweat absorbent underwear before for working out.  My underwear selection is almost exclusively from Victoria's Secret, and they never bugged me as being too hot or wet or whatnot during work outs, who knows, maybe I never knew better!  I will test these out tomorrow in spin class and see if I notice a difference.

The Sattvic Bra is very soft and comfortable too, they are made mostly of Lyocell (Bamboo?).  I got size XS and it fits pretty well.  I almost got S because I was afraid it would dig in on my back too much and make lines of back fat.  But I'm glad I didn't because it would have been too big.  This bra doesn't have pockets for bra cups, which kind of sucks.  I love those things because nobody can tell when you are cold!  But this bra could be worn just around the house or during warmer summer days.  Not too sure how comfortable it is to sweat in, but hey nothing can beat a $5 sports bra from Lulu!

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