Friday, February 25, 2011

The Method Sock - From Lululemon

I love the new Method Sock from Lululemon!  I've been meaning to buy grippy socks for my bare and pilates classes for ages, but I guess I really am a lazy bum!  As I was slipping on the shiny hardwood floor at my bare studio last week, I kept giving myself mental notes to remember and get socks before I went back again!  I also briefly wished that Lululemon would sell them - then low and behold, there they were online yesterday!  So I finally made the purchase and now am a proud owner of the Method Sock!

They are so cute!  They are one size fits all, and when I got them, the packaging said size 6-9.  They fit me fine, but I wish they were size 5-9, since I'm normally a size 6 and like my socks to be a little tighter.  But it's not a big issue, I also noticed that they don't come up as high as the Ultimate Running Sock or the Featherweight Sock, so yay! 

They feel pretty similar to my Featherweight socks so I think they are made of the same material.  The best part about these is of course, the non-slip sole.  

I'm going to my bare class next week so I will have to try them out then.  But from the self-test I did on my hardwood floor, they worked pretty well and I was not going anywhere!  Even walking around normally I could feel, and hear, the stickiness.  So excited!  I noticed that these socks are already sold out online, so if they turn out to be great, I hope I can find another pair somewhere!  Oh, maybe Lululemon will make new colors in these too!


  1. I'm glad they worked out! I want to get these and some of the Lululemon running socks (I need non-stinky gym socks!). How are you liking your bar method classes? I do yoga and pilates but I've heard bar classes can be even more challenging.

  2. I like barre classes because they work different muscle groups that you don't normally use. They are challenging and similar to pilates and yoga they tend to work those long lean muscles. I do yoga regularly but sometimes I still shake while doing those dance moves! I'm always an advocate or mixing different workouts so your body doesn't get used to one thing and you dont get bored. But to lose weight I think cardio is still needed. Then you can sculpt after the fat melts away and you will actually see results! So I tend to limit yoga/pilates/barre workouts to once a week at the most.

  3. Thanks for the post on the Method Sock! I haven't heard much feedback about these yet and I'm looking forward to your fit/function review after your barre class.

    GEC Online Community

  4. I bought these yesterday during the upload, can't wait to try them at my Physique 57 class, Mine aren't such a snazzy colour though, basic black for me!


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