Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lululemon Wunder Groove Crop - Black / Generation Electric Manifesto


I ordered the Wunder Groove Crop in Black / Generation Electric Manifesto from the Lululemon Guest Education Center (GEC) earlier this week.   It's basically their phone sales center.  If you really want something and it's not in stock at the store (or don't live near a store), you can call them and they can do a stock check for all the stores in the country and ship the item to you for free if they are somewhere out there.  It's pretty great.  I had tried on these at the store but didn't buy them because I thought they were a bit too long, and even though there is free hemming, the logo on the side of the lower left leg would be hemmed off in order to get to the length I wanted.  But then I regretted not getting them, since I really do like the Generation Electric Manifesto.  By the time I went back to the store though, they were gone.  Well luckily another store about 40 minutes away had them, and the GEC was able to make my order there to ship to me.  They arrived 2 days later, which was great.

I tested these out yesterday in my yoga close and I love these!  I don't know why I hesitated before.  I have the Wunder Under Crop in denim which I love, but since it's denim luon, it is a bit thicker and heavier.  While I love the look of them (more unique and dressed up looking than regular black), they are definitely not as stretchy and comfortable as the Wunder Groove Crops.   In fact, I get prints from the hems on my calves after wearing them for a few hours.


The difference between the Wunder Groove Crops and the Wunder Under Crops is the waist.  The Wunder Grooves have the same waist and rise as the Groove Pants/Crops, which is slightly higher than the Wunder Under Crops.  I don't really find that much difference in the rise, the main reason I went for the Wunder Grooves is because they come in different colored waist bands, while the Wunder Unders only come in solid colors throughout.  Also, the Wunder Grooves are reversible, which reverses to all black - exactly like the Wunder Unders.  The Wunder Unders are not reversible.  The price difference is about $10 more for the Wunder Grooves.  So I figured why not pay $10 more for basically 2 pairs of pants?

Anyway, the Wunder Grooves are super comfortable, like a million times more comfortable than my denim Wunder Unders!  Very stretchy and lightweight.  But at the same time, they weren't as tight fitting.  So I wonder if I should have sized down in these?  I like my work out pants tight so that my muscles are more supported.  I feel I might not want to run in the Wunder Grooves because of that.  But who knows, I will have to try them out next week.

I'm still going to hem the bottom off a bit.  I really hate how long they are right now.  They hit me around the same point on my calves as the model in the pics above.  I like my crops about 3-4 inches shorter - right below the knee.  I just find that length more flattering.  At first I thought that would completely hem off the logo on the side, but I think I can manage to salvage the logo and still be fine with the length.  It would just be about an inch longer than I originally wanted, but with movement, they will go up a bit anyway and be perfect.  Or, I will have to call the GEC to inquire about hemming off the logo then ironing another one on.  I read on the Lululemon facebook page that that was possible.  But I went to 2 different stores around here and they both told me they couldn't do that.  That would be ideal.  I just really like how the logo is placed on the lower left leg on one side, and is on the back of the waist on the reversible all black side.  I feel like that's a trademark of Lululemon pants and I don't want to lose it.  

I think I now have all the pants and crops I want from Lululemon, in all the colors I want, unless they come out with some other tight running crops that I can't resist.  But I'm pretty happy with my bottoms selection right now.  I just love having all these technical and functional pieces to work out in while looking great!  I know it's silly but it definitely motivates me to wake up at 5:30 am everyday and head to the gym knowing that I have such cute clothes to wear.  =)


  1. Do you have the phone number the GEC?

  2. they don't do that anymore I tried the other day. :(


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