Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lululemon Astro Crop - Black / Bon Bon / Paradise


I bought the Lululemon Astro Crop in Black / Bon Bon / Paradise from ebay the other day and was so excited to find that they were delivered today!  I really missed out on these when they were in stores.  I remember not being able to find my size anywhere except the blue ones, but I just can't rock blue pants.  All my pants are black or gray, with different colored waistbands of course.  However boring that is.  I just can't branch out to different colored bottoms!  Maybe I would consider navy... shirts would be a different story - I have the whole rainbow spectrum!

Anyway, so ever since these were sold out in stores and online, I had been looking for them on ebay.  For at least 6 months now.  They are never on ebay, the only time I saw one in my size was all black, with dark gray accent in the front "V" part.  Not ideal, but I bid on them anyways.  But someone outbid me!  I was very surprised, because I have the whole ebay bidding technique down pretty good.  It is very rare that I would lose out on an item I bid on.  So I was sad to have lost those.  But the wait finally paid off!  I couldn't believe it when I saw the black/ bon bon/ paradise ones for buy it now or best offer at $65 brand new with tags!  It's one of 2 best colors that these pants came out with in my opinion.  Well, I was very close to buying them right then for $65, but then I thought maybe I'd put in an offer for the price they went on sale for at Lululemon, which was $59.  That way, after paying $6 shipping, I would be paying $65 total, which would be the amount I would have to pay for taxes if I bought it at the store.  So I did that, and the whole time I waited, I was so nervous that someone would snatch them up for the full price before the seller made a decision on my offer!  But fortunately the seller agreed to that price, and I won them just like that!  It only took 3 days for me to get them, but I was very very anxious the whole time.

So tonight was very exciting for me!  I couldn't wait to rip out the package and try them on!  Of course, true to all Lululemon items, they are so comfy and super cute on.  I love the wide waistband, and these are lower rise than the Groove pants.  Since I think Grooves are a bit too high, these are just perfect.  The front has 3 different colors and they form a "V" shape.  The crops are shorter than other Lululemon crops too.  They hit right below the knee on me.  This is another big plus for me because I hate how long the crops are usually (about calve length).  I think that weird length makes me look shorter and disproportional, like super short legs.  So I always get my crops hemmed to right below the knee length (thank God for their free hemming service!), just like the length of the Astro Crops!  The end of the legs on the Astro Crops don't flare out or anything, so it's a pretty straight leg fit.  These fit pretty snug around the thighs.  But the fit around the hips are not as snug as the Grooves, which means they might fall down a little during exercise.  I do wish they were just a wee bit tighter, then they would be perfect!  Maybe they aren't meant to be worn during high impact activities.

But I am very happy with them, and I can see myself going to the gym or lounging around in them.  Though most shirts I have will completely cover the pretty waistband, I do have one shirt that matches the colors perfectly!  The Move Tank in light heathered bon bon!  The straps and satin details are exactly the same color as the pants so yay!  I got the shirt hemmed a bit shorter too so perhaps some of the waistband will peak out when I'm bending or jumping around at the gym wearing this outfit.


I really hope Lululemon comes out with some new pretty crops like the Astro Crop for the spring, in pretty colors and different designs.  It's not looking like it though because it is now already February and all they are doing is coming out with bright pink or blue Wunder Under tights.  Ewww.  That is just so 80s, or for 12 year old girls?  I like my black or denim Wunder Unders from Lulu, but that's as far as I'll go.  So maybe the summer will bring more pretty crops?  I can only hope.

In the meantime, I am going to continue looking for Astro Crops on ebay.  I really want the Coal/ Aruba/ Heathered Aruba color.


It's gorgeous!  I know they also came out with running tights in this color combination, I forgot the name of them though.  So if I happen to see a pair on ebay or something, I will be sure to snatch them up too!

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