Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lululemon Dance Studio Pant II - White! Update!

I wrote a couple days ago that I got the Lululemon Dance Studio Pant II in white in size 4, and was debating whether to keep them or not.  I thought that they weren't as flattering as my coal ones in size 2 because the legs are wider, thus adding pounds to my silhouette.  But since they are SO rare and hard to find, I was tempted to just keep them anyway.  And they are oh-so-comfortable.  Since I very recently became a fan of these pants and found it justified to spend $100 on, I'm still in awe of how comfortable they are.

Well, today I called the GEC (again) to check their stock, which they told me they did not have a size 2 in their central warehouse (again).  I also called the Beverly Hills and Santa Monica stores near me, both of them said their size 2s were sold out within a day.  Argh!!  I'm always a day late calling!!  So I asked the GEC to check the stock for ALL the stores near me, which luckily is about 10 stores if I'm willing to drive an hour to the furthest one.  So luckily they told me that in fact some of the local stores did have size 2 in stock!  The Newport and Irvine stores in Orange County, and the El Segundo store in Manhattan Beach.  The El Segundo one is only about 15 miles away, so yay!  I called them right away to put them on hold and was going to go get them when I got off work.  But then my amazing boyfriend actually went and got them for me while I was at work today!!  I'm soooo happy because when I put them on, I found that the size 2 is MUCH BETTER than the size 4 in these!  Maybe because these have lining, vs. the coal ones I have which aren't lined and are almost indistinguishable between size 2 and 4, but the size 4 in white has so much more excessive material!  Size 2 has a much more fitted look, and I'm now a happy camper!  

Speaking of my coal pants, I took them in to get fixed since some stitching came out after minor wear.  But I guess the store sent them to the tailor with a description on it to fix, but the tailor didn't do anything!  They just sent them back to the store!  So the store had to once again, send them to the tailor and they said they were going to follow up with a call to explain.  What the heck?  They left a pretty detailed note for the tailor and attached them to the pants.  How could the tailor not see it?!?  And more importantly, how could he not have called the store to ask before sending them back with no work done??  Ugh!!!  Sometimes people really baffle me.  Well, I hope that they get fixed, it's just annoying that I'm having to wait like 2 weeks!


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