Friday, April 9, 2010

Lululemon Dance Studio Pant II & Run:Speed Shorts

I finally broke down and bought the Lululemon Dance Studio Pant II in coal after trying them on a few times in stores.  I really like the look and fit of these pants but for the longest time I just couldn't justify spending $98 on a pair of "to and from gym" pants, because they are just way too loose for me to work out in.  And I don't dance.

They are made of Swift fabric.  It's a very very light material.  These pants are extremely soft and comfortable.  The ruching gives them quite a slimming look.  They only come in a 35 inch inseam which is way too long for me.  But on the bottom of the pants there are draw strings so you can cinch them up to be the right length.  In the summer time you can also cinch them up to the calves to be crops.  I guess you can also get them hemmed off for free at Lululemon stores, but I saw someone with them hemmed short and they just don't look that good anymore.  I think these are meant to be a little loose and have a little extra fabric at the bottom to have that "hip hop" look or whatever.  

So I figured that I could wear these on the weekends just hanging out, and definitely can wear them while traveling.  They would be good pants to just throw on.  But since I waited so long, I missed out on the white color which is super cute and would have been my #1 choice.  Now they only have big sizes in white left.  I even called the Lululemon corporate 800 number to do a nation wide search and there is none left!!!  Sad.  Oh well.  I guess white would have the problem of getting dirty rather easily on the hems from dragging on the ground while walking anyway... coal is definitely a cute color though.  They also have black right now which is cute too but for some reason I like coal a little better.

I have tried on my regular size at the store - size 4, and also have tried on size 2 at a different time.  So I couldn't really compare which size fits better.  When they were uploaded online earlier this week, I decided to just get both and try them on side by side, then return one of them to the store.  Well they arrived today and I've put on both sizes at least 10 times and there is such a slight difference that I still don't know which ones to keep!  The size 4 just feels a little bit looser around the butt and hips, and it's a slightly higher rise than the size 2.  But size 2 definitely does not pull or anything.  It's a tiny bit more fitted but not tight and I can definitely still wear something under it.  My boyfriend said that they both look exactly the same from the back.  So, I think I might go with size 2, just so I will be able to still wear them if I lose a couple pounds.  Ha!  I've been trying to lose 5 pounds forever...

Anyway, the ones I got have a "*No" after the name, which means they have no lining.  I guess the Dance Studio pants that come out in the fall have lining to keep you warmer in the cooler weather. 

I also got the Run:Speed shorts in white/passion.  I thought the color combo was very cute and couldn't resist ordering it!

I have never owned the Speed shorts but I've tried it on in stores before.  So I thought that ordering my regular size would be perfect.  But they arrived today and they are way too big!!  I'm sooo disappointed!  Especially since size 2 is sold out already online.  And I'm not even sure if size 2 would have been a better fit because the waist part of size 4 fits fine, but the butt part is too big and flares out too wide.  I think it adds pounds to my hips and it's just not good.  So size 2 may fit well around the butt but might be too tight around the waist.  Who knows, but I have to return these now too.  =(

Maybe this color will make an appearance in stores soon too so I can try on the size 2.  Man this really sucks!  I was really excited about these.  I guess the Run:Ultra Shorts II fit me way better.  I have those in my regular size 4 and they fit perfectly and they are soooo flattering and cute.  Ugh.  The thing is, I think most people like the Speed shorts more, and they make way more colors in those.  I haven't seen the Ultra shorts in stores for a long time so I really hope they aren't discontinued!  

A side note, my Vera Wang Lavender Label dress that I ordered from Gilt was delivered today too.  

It was the right size!!  Size 2 would have been way too small.  Size 4 fits pretty tight around the chest, but could fit a little better around the waist and hips.  I don't think it made me look as good as it does on the model above.  But I was bloated when I tried it on earlier tonight so maybe I'll have to try it on again later and see if I need to get it taken in a little to make the fit more flattering.  From the pic (and product name - Black / Ivory) I thought the bottom part would be more of an off white / ivory color.  But it looks more like light grey in person.  Oh well, no biggie.  This dress is a different look, something that I haven't had before.  So I'm looking forward to an occasion to wear it to!

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  1. I really like this style---would be perfect if they were more cargo with some cool pockets---my hubby hates cargo pants on me, but at least these are more fashionable right? xP


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