Friday, March 5, 2010

Tumi T-Tech Move Portfolio Hanging Toiletry Kit


I got the Tumi T-Tech Move Portfolio Hanging Toiletry Kit from Gilt today.  I was looking forward to today's Tumi sale all week because I wanted to get another Tumi suitcase.  However, I didn't like any of the suitcases they were selling today.  A lot of the ones up on Gilt were hard cases which I'm not a fan of - I like to stuff my suitcase to the max!  Hehehe... and the soft fabric ones were kind of ugly.  They had bright red and orange.  Ugh.  I just would prefer a muted colored suitcase.
So I only bought the hanging toiletry kit.  There were no pictures of the inside, so I'm not sure what it's going to look like.  But I need one of these, it was only $29 (retails $60) and it matches my Tumi T-Tech Move Overhead Frequent Traveler Suitcase!  


That was the only picture I could find of the suitcase, which I also got from Gilt back in November or December last year when they had Tumi sale.  It's from the same line as the toiletry kit!  In matching Taupe! 

The description of the toiletry kit says:

* T-Tech Move portfolio hanging zippered toiletry kit.
* Tuck away hook to hang bag.
* Fully lined with water resistant lining.
* Two elastic organizer straps.
* Interior mesh divider and mesh zippered pocket.
* Approximate measurements: 10.5"H x 7.75"W x 3"D.

Sounds good to me.  Wish there were pictures of the inside, but Tumi makes great stuff, so I will put my faith in them!  

The delivery date of my new toiletry kit is between 4/6 and 4/15.  Ugh, so slow as usual.  Like I said before, that is one bad thing about Gilt.  I really hope it gets here before 4/10 because that's when I'm going to Lake Tahoe for my boyfriend's 30th!!!

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