Monday, March 15, 2010

Ace Hotel - Palm Springs

I just got back from my short overnight trip to Palm Springs where I stayed at the Ace Hotel.  I posted a couple weeks ago that I got a pretty good deal from Jetsetter - $90 a night.  So I was excited to check it out.  I guess it's an old Howard Johnson converted into this hip new up and coming boutique hotel.  There was an old Denny's adjacent to the hotel that they converted into the lobby of the hotel and the hotel restaurant.

Upon first impression, it was very very different.  It was like hippie-ville with a chic and somewhat Western flare, plus the gay influence of Palm Springs.  I'm not into hippie stuff at all, but these are wannabe hipster hippies.  There are 2 good sized pools on the premise, and 1 good sized hot tub.  The larger pool has a DJ and pool side service, and is open until 3 am!  There were lots of ppl there yesterday (Sunday), and we were glad that our room was not directly surrounding the pool area.  Otherwise the noise would definitely bother me at night.

There's everything on this compound - spa, steam room, sauna, 24 hour gym, big movie/events room, free bikes, scooters, fireplaces and hang out couches throughout.  The rooms are very interesting indeed.  The walls are covered with a canvas - so it's like camping!  They provide these long hemp robes, blanket, and walking stick that they hang on the wall.  The artwork hanging behind the bed are old school style photography without picture frames.  The bathroom amenities are their own brand, which I actually really liked, and they provide these big big towels!  Only thing is, they don't provide lotion.  How weird!  Especially in the desert!  But luckily, Kiehls stayed there before so the girl was able to run up some Kiehl's lotion for us.  If you know how I feel about Kiehl's then you would know how much I appreciated it!  They were out of regular lotion so she gave me SPF 15 ones, but whatever, it kept me moist, and I used it today for pool time fun!

The room also came with tons of alcohol and snacks.  Hotel price of course.  But good to have the option!  We had a upstairs room, but the downstairs rooms all had private courtyard with fireplaces and tons of lounge equipment.  We had a little balcony but nothing like the downstairs ones.  I was jealous.  Next time!

We laid out by the pool for about an hour before heading out today.  It was so nice!  They had all hemp lounge chairs / cushions by the pool / hammock everywhere, and even a ping pong table!  They played relaxing inde music.  It was perfect!  I wish we could have spent at least one more day there.

All in all, I would definitely go back there again.  Preferably with a group of friends.  I will definitely request a downstairs room further from the main pool.  That way we will have the choice of joining the party or mellowing out.  They also provide a roll away grill and meat / veggies, so we can have our own BBQ party there!  What a fun idea for a hotel!  I'm very curious to check out their other locations as well - especially the one in NYC, but also Seattle and Portland.

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