Friday, March 12, 2010

My Marc Jacobs Purse Arrived Today!!!!!!!

OMG, SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!  I was soooo happy to discover that the Marc Jacobs Ashley purse I got from Gilt earlier this week showed up even better than expected!!  And not to mention the super fast shipping!  They packaged it very nicely too.  It was a small box with Marc Jacobs written on it that contained the purse, inside of a bigger box that said "Books Handle With Care".  Weird.  Maybe they did that so there would be less chance of the package getting stolen.  The big box was filled with air pockets so the smaller box inside wouldn't move around.  This prevented anything from crushing the purse in the small box.  I hate having a new purse arriving with wrinkles in the leather.  This purse definitely arrived in good condition.  I guess for a $1100 purse, it had better!

The purse is definitely BIGGER than I thought it was going to be, which I was very surprised about.  In fact, I would call it a mid sized purse.  It's got 2 different zipper compartments from the outside, and one little zipper pocket on the inside.  It's definitely enough room for my purse, iphone, keys, and tons more!

The straps have shiny stitching details all over it which I could not tell from the pictures on Gilt.  But what a pleasant surprise!  The stitches are in gold and black with red border accent.  Very pretty and eye catching!  The leather of the purse feels sooo soft.  And the navy blue color came exactly as shown on the pictures - not too bright, not too dark - just right!

The strap is very short as expected.  So I'm not able to wear it on my shoulder.  I will have to carry it in my hand or just dangle it from my elbow.  Way cute.  May get a bit annoying, but whatever it's worth it!  Hahaha... oh exciting day!

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