Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lululemon Groove Crops - White!

I bought some Lululemon Groove Crops in White, which reverses to all white as well.  One side has the reflective logo on the left leg and the reversible side has it on the back of the waist.  I bought them in a size 2 which I had been meaning to try, because some of my size 4 bottoms from Lululemon are a little loose around the waist.  I was glad that size 2 fits pretty well.  Definitely tighter around the waist than my 4, but everywhere else feels pretty much the same.

They are really cute but the only thing is they are see through around the butt!!  I was wearing very pale pink underwear and they totally showed through on the front and back.  Well, I guess it's a good thing that I have so many long tanks that would cover most of my butt!!  I like the way the white looks though, and they are not see through everywhere else.  Hmm... maybe I shouldn't have bought a size 2 in these!  Though these don't look too tight and they are not all stretched out or anything.  Perhaps a bigger size would be better as far as the see through factor goes?

Anyway, I like how they are very clean looking and I think they would be good for hanging out in the summer.  Maybe not to the gym, because if I sweat my butt might completely show through like a wet t-shirt contest lol.  But I can see myself wearing them around to run errands in or... to go on a tropical vacation!

They are a bit longer than I liked so I took them to the store today to get hemmed about an inch shorter.  That way they will be right below my knee and exactly how I like them!

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