Monday, March 29, 2010

Lululemon Dance:Strap Tank

I have seen many girls with the Lululemon Dance:Strap Tank at the gym in all kinds of bright colors before, and while I thought it was a cute looking tank, I always figured it would be a little too revealing for me so I never purchased it.  However, while browsing ebay the other day, I came across one of these tanks in a very pretty champaign / gold color.  I'm trying to branch out and get more different color palettes added to my Lululemon wardrobe, so I decided to give it a try.

I won the auction for like $25, and after paying shipping it turned out to be $30.  I figured if I hated it, I could always turn it around and resell it for equivalent if not more.  

Well it arrived today and it's soooo pretty!!  I love the color.  It is a true champaign color and so different from my other tops.  I got it in my normal Lulu size 4, and it fits well.  The chest is tight fitting though even for my size - though no double boobage, thank God!  I can't imagine anyone with bigger than a B cup would be able to wear this tank.  It actually pushes my boobs together to show a nice cleavage hehe.  It is very very low cut.  It's the lowest I would go for a work out tank.  But it's such a pretty tank that I think I could wear it out to dinner or going out at night as well, with a jacket or cardigan over.  The back has criss cross straps and is mostly open as well.  Definitely revealing!  The body of this tank fits loosely as it's supposed to.  So it's good for those bloated days.  But it's still figure flattering.  There is a draw string at the bottom of the tank so you can cinch and adjust the length however you want.  The material of this tank is "lullure".  Whatever that means?  It is pretty silky, and feels heavier than luon.  It falls well and hides imperfections.  I don't know the content of this fabric, but it feels more polyester than cotton.  It feels cool and I can see it being very nice for those hot summer days that are right around the corner!  There is mesh on the area right below the boobs, where it sweats most.  That is a nice touch!  I need to try it out at the gym tomorrow.

I really like this tank!  I can't believe I waited so long for this one.  The Lululemon website has had this tank in black and white on sale for a while now.  Now they only have the white one in size 6 left.  The tank shown on the model below does not have the drawstring cinched up on the bottom so it looks longer.  I like it cinched up on me so the shirt falls around my hips.  Also I feel like the model does not do this tank justice.  It pooches out at the bottom making her look bigger than she is in the mid section.  It does not have the same effect on me.  Maybe also due to the drawstrings?

I am seriously considering getting the white one as well.  I just don't know if size 6 would fit me as well.  I think the chest would be fine or even a better fit, since my size 4 is rather tight.  But I'm afraid that the body of the size 6 would be too loose and add pounds to my silhouette since I like how the 4 fits.  Also, it's not that cheap still.  It went from $58 to now $42.  After taxes it's still going to be an almost $50 top.  Since sale items are final sale, I would not be able to return or exchange.  Also not sure if white is a little boring and goes against my "adding more color palettes to my Lululemon wardrobe" idea.  So I guess I could just be patient and wait till another fun color shows up on ebay!  Hopefully I won't have to wait too long...

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