Wednesday, March 24, 2010

OPI Nail Polish - Hong Kong Collection

I bought 2 new OPI nail polishes from the new Spring 2010 collection.  I love OPI because the colors are so pretty, they go on evenly, and dry fast. 

The first color I bought is called Pearl of Wisdom.  It's a gorgeous white pearl color.  Very light and shimmery.  If I apply only one coat, I can only see the color when it catches certain lights.  It's nice for those days when I don't want to be too "loud".  When 2 coats or more is applied, it becomes much easier to see the pearl color.  I think it's a good color for hands.  I normally like lighter colors for my finger nails and brighter colors for my toes.  Well, except the Royal Raja Ruby color which I love for my fingers!

The second color I got is called Meet Me On The Star Ferry.  It's a moon lit pinkish, plumish, violet color.  Very shimmery as well.  I've had a few similar nail polish colors before.  I guess I always tend to gravitate towards this color.  This color is definitely a deeper color that goes with on toes.  Actually will go well on fingers too.  I actually tried using the Pearl of Wisdom over this color, which is a very nice effect.  It makes the color look lighter and shows the nice pearl highlights while still showing the actual color underneath.

I think this picture makes it look more orangey.  It doesn't have an orange tone at all in real life.  It's more pinkish.  Anyway, I love it!

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