Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shoedazzle Sylvie

I know that I said earlier that I would never order from again, but I did!  I got my new 5 selections for March on the 1st, which I should have just clicked on "Skip this month".  But I forgot to do so, and when you don't do click on that nor select a pair of shoes before the 6th day of the month, they charge your credit card, and then you just have a credit on the account towards your future purchases.  So at first when I realized that my card got charged, I was kind of annoyed and wanted to call them right away to argue and cancel.  But when I jumped onto the site to see my shoe selections, I actually fell in love with the Sylvie shoe.  So I guess I didn't really mind the fact that my credit card was charged.  If I didn't see anything I liked, that would have been a different story hehe..

They just look very different and fresh for the spring!  I don't have any other pink shoes, so I figured why not.  I was definitely afraid that they would show up looking super cheap like some of the other shoedazzle shoes I've had to return in the past.  And I was also afraid they would be very uncomfortable.  But they arrived today (only a day later!) and they are pretty awesome!  They look exactly like the pictures, and they are surprisingly very very comfortable, even though they are tall.  I think it's the platform that makes them look higher while keeping the arch low.  

I love the fact that the platform and the heels are white, so the whole look is not overwhelmingly pink.  I mean I don't mind pink but I can't take too much of it.  These just look very clean and pretty.  Plus it's a very soft pink.  The cork insole of the shoes are pretty comfortable.  I actually think I could wear them walking around all day!  Maybe I will try that this weekend and see.  Also, you can see from the first picture above, that there is a little piece of elastic band on the inside heel part of the shoes.  I think they are there to keep the feet in place better.  I've had shoes before that my heels would keep falling out of the back of the shoes while I walked - very annoying.  Also, I've found that the rise of the back heel on these shoes is lower than my normal high heel shoes.  So they probably won't dig into the back of my feet as much.  I will definitely have to test them out!
Ok I am very happy with this purchase, especially at this price ($39 and free shipping).  I think these shoes are very versatile - they would look good with skirts, shorts, pants, jeans, capris, etc. etc.  They would work for a casual weekend outing or a day to the office.  Yay!  Finally shoedazzle redeemed themselves in my eyes!  If they continue making stuff like this, I may actually be inclined to keep my account and order from them more often!  This is a good sign that they are improving though!

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