Friday, February 19, 2010

Lululemon Biker Groove Short


After patiently waiting for so long, Lululemon finally came out with spin shorts again!  They did carry spin shorts a few years ago but I missed the boat on that one and I had been waiting to get a pair for a long time, constantly keeping my eye out on ebay as well.  But nothing!  So I was ecstatic when I saw the Biker Groove Short come online on yesterday.  It's a completely new product that are not in stores (yet?).  I had to grab a pair because I knew they were going to sell out fast.  Sure enough, a few hours later they only had big sizes left.  I think they are completely gone now. 

I really liked the look of them because they are a long length short - almost the length of some of my crops.  They came in both the color above (static charcoal / dark sport gray color), which I bought, and all black.  I have too many black crops/pants, so I went with this one.  

They are priced pretty well in my opinion at $48.  Considering the little run line booty shorts and skirts Lulu sells are around $52-54.  This one obviously has way more material.  I've paid for crops that are maybe 2 inches longer at double the price!  Well these are not as technical as the run line I suppose that's where the price difference comes from.  

Anyway, they arrived today (one of the advantages of living in LA is that all my Lulu online orders arrive the next day since their warehouse is located in LA).  I really like the way they feel.  They are so silky, soft and light.  Feels thinner than regular black luon.  In fact, they feel more like the luxtreme material from the Lulu running line.  They fit is true to size.  The top fits exactly the same as my groove pants, which is what I expected since they are called biker groove short.  What you can't see from the model picture is that the opening of the legs (the rather wide band at the bottom) actually comes in pretty tight.  Presumably to keep the hems from riding up since these shorts don't come with slipless grip like some spin shorts do.  I did some running man test wearing them and they definitely stayed in place pretty well.  But they kind of pinch my skin a bit.  Not uncomfortably so, but I wish they were just a little bit looser.  

Oh yeah, they don't come with butt padding so they are not "real" bike shorts.  I only spin at the gym, and my classes are intense and require getting out of the saddle a lot.  So this is not a problem for me.  Plus I think I've trained my butt well over the years and I never get sore anymore!  But if you are looking for real technical bike shorts, these ain't it.

The length of these shorts fall on me pretty much at the exact same spot as they do on the model picture, which is a rather awkward place - it ends kind of in the middle of the knee cap.  Since they are tight at the bottom, it feels a bit weird, like my knees are being squished a little.  Hmm... so obviously when you are biking or even just walking around, they would slip up from the knee cap and end up probably right above the knee.  I don't know, I think I would prefer if they made the length either an inch longer or an inch shorter.  I could deal with it though, it doesn't bug me enough to return them or anything.  I will try them out in spin class, I have a feeling I will like them.  In the summer I can also wear them out running or to the gym.  I do like the color since I don't have any other pants in this color, and like I said before, the feel of the fabric is amazing!

These are not reversible, but since all Lululemon pants are flat seamed, I guess you could reverse them.  They just wouldn't have a logo on the inside since they are not meant to be reversible.  I wouldn't reverse the color I got, because the waistband is black on the inside.  But I believe the black ones are reversible and have logo on the waistband on both sides.  They also come with hidden pocket on the waistband like all Lulu bottoms.  

I also got another Run:Swiftly Tech SS in the new lagoon color that only hit online and not in stores yet. 


My post last week about the free Swiftly Tech I received from the Lulu run club in senorita pink has grown to be one of my favorite pieces from Lululemon.  In a week I have worn it to run, spin, and box, and loved it every single time!  Funny because I never would have bought the shirt since I thought their look was nothing special and for a few bucks more I could get the long sleeve version.  But after receiving my freebie, I had a chance to try it on and realize how great it really is!  So lightweight and comfortable - like nothing is there!  Not to mention the great wicking ability and extremely quick dry.  And very flattering fit.  So Lululemon is smart!  They gave me one free shirt and here I am buying another one a week later, and most likely more in the future.  

I love this color.  It will go nicely with all my dark bottoms.  I can't wait until more of this top comes out in all the fun colors!  I gotta be careful though - $58 each shirt will definitely add up fast!

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