Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lululemon Cool Racerback Tank - Lavender & Bubbulicious

Finally Lululemon came out with pretty, soft, pastel colors!!  I went to the store today and picked up two Cool Racerback Tanks in the newest colors - Lavender and Bubbulicious!  So glad to be done with the neon colors of late!

I have always bought size 4 (my usual size @ Lululemon) in these tanks, but today I tried on a size 2 and it actually fit pretty well.  I liked how it fit on the shoulders and chest better than my 4, but the tummy area was definitely more fitted.  Very curve hugging.  I don't like having on a tight shirt that show outline of the pant waist underneath.  So I decided to go with 4 as usual to have more room and be more comfortable.

I have noticed though, that the new Cool Racerbacks have a slightly curved front and a straight back at the bottom.  My old ones are the same straight all the way around.  Not sure if I like the curvature, but it's very slight so I guess whatever.  Not sure what the point of it is.

The lavender and bubbulicious colors though, I cannot say enough good things about!  I had been looking for the older power purple color for a long time but nobody ever had my size.  So I was very excited about the new lavender color as it is very similar to power purple.  It's not as rich though.  It's more a softer, baby, pastel type of purple.  I like it a lot.  I feel like my hunt for a purple cool racerback is finally over!  The bubbilicious color is a soft bubblegum pink.  It looks a shade brighter in person than in the pic above.  But definitely not a bright pink, which I love.  

So glad I was able to get these in my size before they sold out!  I also had the rest of my Lululemon giftcard from reaching 50 miles with the run club, so I was able to knock $10 off the price and ended up paying $75 after tax instead of $85.  Ugh, so much money for two tank tops huh?

Oh well.  They will definitely get a lot of use.  I'm hoping that this new color scheme is the direction Lululemon is going from now on.  Though I feel very much like an Easter egg with colors like these and chirp (the soft baby yellow).  Hehe.

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