Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gilt & Jetsetter

Ok so I've been a member of Gilt.com for a while now.  It's basically a shopping website that hosts different high end brands to sell at a discount.  You can get some pretty good deals.  They show you the retail price and the Gilt price.  Of course I'm always skeptical of the retail price because many times you can get the same item for much cheaper.  But I know a good deal when I see one, and I've bought a few things from Gilt over time.

They have multiple labels on sale at a time, and each retailer lasts about 2 days or so.  But if you don't get on it right when the sale starts (9 am PST everyday), a lot of popular items will be gone.  I don't know how many of each item Gilt gets, but it doesn't appear to be too many.  I've heard that Gilt is so popular now that it's a huge privilege to the retailer to be able to sell on Gilt, even at the discounted price.

They have a nice website, with nice graphics and it's pretty easy to navigate.  They also show you what brands are coming up in the next week which I love.  I will always mark the day that a brand I love will be on sale so I can be sure to get on it right at 9 am to grab what I want!  For example, this Friday they will have Tumi on sale.  I grabbed a very nice Tumi luggage for $150 last time it was on sale (amazing deal if you know Tumi prices), and I wouldn't mind getting another one.


There's a screen shot of the Gilt site.  They also have an iPhone app which I have as well.  But I would never use it to shop for high demand items since iPhone 3G connection is just not nearly as fast as being on a computer.  But it's nice to browse on it sometimes just to pass time.
Gilt also gives $25 account credit for every friend you refer.  I have gotten about $350-400 from account credit so far!  I am saving up to get an item I really love whenever it comes on sale.  I don't really have anything in mind, but I'm sure I'll know when I see it!  Patience! 

Hmm what else?  Well shipping could be cheaper.  I think normally at least $8 for a SMALL item.  They do offer free shipping once in a blue moon and if something I want happens to be on sale at the same time then it's great.  I think last time they offered free shipping, I got my Tumi luggage, a Vera Wang bracelet, a hot pink crocodile skin makeup bag and an Incase (best hardcase cover for Apple laptops and iPhones/iPods) Apple MacBook laptop cover!

Gilt also has a few affiliate sites - Gilt Man, Gilt Fuse and Jetsetter (if you scroll up to the picture I posted of the site, on the upper right hand corner you will see links to these three sites).  Obviously Gilt Man sells stuff for men.  My boyfriend has bought some shoes and shirts from it.  Gilt Fuse has lower end brands so you can find some really cheap stuff there.  And Jetsetter is the travel site.  I love browsing on Jetsetter because it has amazing pictures of different hotels around the world that are on "sale".  However, most of them are super expensive still.  Like today I was looking at some hotels in Anguilla for almost $2000 a night! 

I bought a night at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs today.  My boyfriend and I used to go to Palm Springs a lot when we had access to this nice mansion there and spent pretty much every weekend driving down there.  Also, we went to the BNP Paribas Open tennis tournaments in Indian Wells for the past 2 years.  We've always heard of the cool Ace hotel, but have never stayed there since, well we always had free accommodation before.  So when I saw that Ace hotel was having a sale on Jetsetter for only $90 a night during this year's BNP Paribas Open, I had to jump on it.  Apparently they are supposed to have a really cool and unique look.  Plus a very nice pool, and a lot of young and hip people stay and hang out there.  I will have to check it out next weekend and see what the fuss is all about!

I was also tempted to buy a couple nights at the Ace Hotel in NYC.  It's right by Broadway, the pictures look really cool, and they are only $100-150 a night on Jetsetter!  That is great value as any decent hotel in NYC costs at least over $200 a night, if not closer to $300.  Too bad it's snowing there right now and I just can't take any weather colder than 55 degrees after living in SoCal for 5 years! 

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