Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lululemon Cool Racerback Tank - Chirp


So one of my favorite pieces from Lululemon is the Cool Racerback tank.   I have it in a bunch of different colors.  They come out with new colors in this tank relatively often since it's one of the stable pieces Lululemon carries.  I noticed yesterday that they uploaded the new chirp color online so I had to get it.  I posted a couple days ago about my new scoop neck tank in chirp.  Now I have a picture of the actual color.  

I was wary about having 2 pieces of baby yellow colored tanks.  But I really like the color, so whatever!  It's a very soft pastel yellow.  Very pretty and feminine.  Plus I wear the cool racerback tank a lot, so I'm sure I will get use out of it.  They are just simple pieces that work so well with everything.  They don't have a built in bra, but I have so many bras from Lululemon, and I welcome any opportunity to wear them.  The cool racerback tank is made of luon light, which is thinner than regular luon.  So they are good for, hmm, pretty much everything!  I've worn the cool racerback to spin class, boot camp class, boxing, yoga, running, etc. etc.  Also, the tummy area of this tank fits a bit looser, so they are good to wear for those days that I feel rather bloated.  It also has a bit more coverage than most of the other Lululemon tanks.  If I pull it all the way down, it would completely cover my butt. 

I'm always on the look out for new colors of the cool racerback!  I honestly think that if someone doesn't have a lot of money to buy different tanks from Lululemon, they should just stick with this one.  If you already have a sports bra to wear under it, you will just have to spend $39 for the cool racerback.  Sometimes cheaper if a color goes on sale. 

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