Friday, February 27, 2015

Muubaa Fornas Ombre Leather Biker Jacket - Christmas in Feb!

I finally managed to find myself a Christmas present from my bf!  I've decided a while ago that I should just pick out my own presents so that I get what I want, and he doesn't have to go through the dreaded experience of going shopping.  So far, it's worked out really well!  I think he'd much rather increase his price range to avoid the trouble anyway, and that works out for me too!  But apparently I'm a slacker too I didn't get anything until now.  Well, actually I did try to get a pair of boots from Nordstrom back in December but they canceled my order without telling me.  So this is my second try!  The package got lost for a couple days too!  I thought it wasn't meant to be, with my move and all going on at the same time.  But I got it now and it is a keeper!

I got the Muubaa Fornas Ombre leather biker jacket from Gilt.  I actually wanted to get this jacket a while ago, but I forgot about it until I saw it on Gilt.  So I decided to make it my present, since the price is pretty low now for a leather jacket ($280).  I think the dip dyed look on a leather jacket is so unique looking!  I don't think I've seen anyone with a jacket like this in person.  It's definitely different, but so far I've found that it's actually rather easy to wear.

I had to guess on what size to order, since I had never tried on Muubaa before.  It is a British brand, so the sizing is UK based.  I got it in UK size 6, which is equivalent to US size 2.  I was really crossing my fingers that it would fit, and I was happy to find that it does!

By the way, I moved to my new place!  So, different background now, though still a door lol.  I'm still trying to figure out where to put my mirror though.  The spot I have it now has a recess light on the ceiling above and it doesn't really work so well for pictures.  So it turns out that the bottom is way brighter than the top on every picture.  Oh well, I'll have to see what adjustments to make later.

The treatment on this jacket makes the leather appear worn.  I actually like this look better than the shiny/new look.

When the jacket is zipped, the chest area is slightly tight and pulls a little.  But I think it's ok because 1. I almost never zip my jackets (I do live in LA after all), and 2. I think leather will stretch so after a while it will probably fit better anyway.

Anyway, pretty happy with the jacket!  I was browsing the Muubaa website as well as the brand on Asos, and I'm liking a lot of the jackets!  Although most of the jackets are very similar in style to this jacket.  But I'm a fan of the biker style, so no surprise there.  Maybe I'll get another one later!

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  1. Cute jacket! One tip: I normally wear a US 0 or 2 and a lululemon 4 and I always buy UK size 8. I think their sizing is more standardized than the US and the clothes tend to fit better. All Saints is another great UK brand for leather and clothing.

  2. That is gorgeous! I would say a UK size 6 is closer to a size 0, but then I know nothing :) I'm only from the UK now living in North America, I'm not an expert. According to all of the conversion charts I would be a size 8 in the UK and I know that's not right!

  3. Hmmm I thought I read on the Gilt size chart that their 6 was equivalent to US 2. Oh well... it fits! =D

    I've tried on like every single leather jacket at All Saints lol. They don't look good on me!! So sad, I like them a lot. =/


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