Saturday, February 14, 2015

3 Pairs of New Jeans!

I'm on a roll with the good bargains lol.  I got 3 pairs of jeans from Ruelala for $120!  They are Joe's Jeans, 7 jeans, and J Brand jeans.  $39.99 a pair!  I thought it was pretty awesome.  What's even better is that they all fit and I love them all!  I'm consciously trying to wear more jeans as opposed to workout leggings lol.  Even though they are all skinny jeans, which pretty much look like leggings.  I just think jeans look a little more put together.  With a few exceptions, I usually like to categorize my clothes based on their purpose.  For example, a lot of my work clothes can double up as casual clothes.  But when I do that, I usually feel icky, like I'm going to work?!  So wearing workout clothes around makes me feel like a sweaty mess lol.  I do the same thing with shoes.  Anybody else feel this way?  Maybe I'm just weird!

The Joe's Jeans I got are black, which is obviously the easiest to wear.  They are the Kathy Oblique Skinny Ankle jean.  I love the leather paneling on the sides.  I got them in size 26, which is what my other Joe's Jeans are.  I feel that these are not as stretchy, but 26 is still a good fit.  The "ankle" length is full length on me... hahaha.


The leather paneling can best be seen from the close up of the side view - very subtle, but makes a difference!

The 7 For All Mankind jeans are purple coated skinny jeans.  I got these in size 27, same as my other 7 jeans.  I find that 7 jeans are generally not as stretchy as Joe's jeans, especially in the quads.  And these jeans fit the same way.  I was actually unsure about the purple coated color when I ordered them.  But I really like them in person!  It's a very very dark purple, and it's not as shiny as I thought.  So under some lighting, it looks almost black, and under other lighting, it looks almost dark blue.  

These are full length, so they pool a little around the ankles on me.  I don't mind this look at all.


Lastly, my third pair are the J Brand Maria Lacquered Hemlock High Rise Skinny jean.  They are a dark forrest green color, with a little sheen too.  These are the ones I was most unsure of.  I have never bought any J Brand jeans before, so I didn't know what size to get.  But I had read online that their skinny jeans usually fit small.  So I got size 27.

It turns out, they actually fit the largest of the 3 pairs!  Particularly in the thigh area.  I should have gone with size 26.  But that's ok.  They are very comfortable, I can easily fit my legs through without having to pull them up.  So I can wear them on my bloaty days lol.

I also wasn't too sure about the super high rise.  Let's face it, high rise is just not that sexy.  But they sure are comfy.  It's like having high rise workout pants.  The higher the rise is, the better the pants stay up.  With tops over, no one can see how high the rise is anyway.

These are also full length.  They look to be about the same length as the 7 jeans.

The rise is at least an inch higher than the other 2 pairs:


So excited about my new jeans that I got for such a good deal!  Dark purple and green are two of my favorite colors to wear as bottoms.  I am very happy that I now have both in jeans.

Oh yes, before I go, I should say Happy Valentine's Day!  I'm not doing anything special, because I don't like how commercialized it is in LA.  Every restaurant jacks up the price with "set menus".  So lame.  I'll just go buy some chocolate tomorrow when they are on sale... lol!

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