Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Funday!

I am currently spending the weekend up in San Francisco since tomorrow is Columbus Day and I get it off work! Actually I've been hanging out in Palo Alto and Berkeley for quite a bit but spending the rest of the time in the city!  I was actually kind of excited for cooler weather, since it is still pretty hot in LA.  I bought the Lululemon Off The Mat jacket a while ago and have been dying to wear it!  Sometimes I walk around the house with it on, and start sweating after like 2 minutes... LOL!  Sooooo... of course I brought it with me on my trip!
I've had a really busy week!  I worked out M-F without a rest day since I knew I wouldn't be able to workout on the weekend.  I love having a scheduled training plan.  This way I know what I gotta get done.  I'm a little OCD with certain things, so not getting all my workouts in is not an option.  I gotta say though, it does get taxing when you have to work all day, then go to the gym for like 2 hours.  Each of my workouts is about an hour of weights and 30 minutes of cardio.  But I have to drive there, park, change, wash my face (b/c I hate working out and sweating while I have makeup on) so my overall time allotted to each workout session is about 2 hours.  There goes my night pretty much.  I don't have time to do much else after I get home.  I just eat dinner, maybe prepare my meals for the next day and then go to bed... and repeat!!
Monday 10/7
What I did:  I did my lower body weight circuits.  Didn't feel like doing cardio afterwards.
What I wore:  Lululemon swiftly racerback in very green, with faded zap Free To Be bra under it.  I wore my new beautiful Lululemon Run For Fun crops in paisley embossed black, and Nike Free Bionics.  I think these crops are super comfy and keeps me cool.  I just hope I didn't moon anyone!  Hehe.

I wore the Lululemon Beach Runner jacket as to/from since it's gotten a tiny bit cooler.  Didn't really need it lol.  I love this jacket though!

Tuesday 10/8

What I did:  My back/bi workout.  Followed by my 30 minutes of cardio interval.  I have to get in 4 of these cardio sessions a week so I didn't have a choice to push it back anymore lol.

Wednesday 10/9

What I did:  Shoulder/tri workout where I do my 3 sets of unassisted chin-ups followed by 4 sets of negative pull-ups.  Followed by cardio.  My trainer changed my program so starting next week I will be doing weighted negative pull-ups!  He says that pretty soon I'll be able to do at least one unassisted pull-up and then we'll just build it up to like 12!  I must say, I've never been able to do a pull-up before!  Ever ever in my life!  I suck!  But I also was never able to do a chin-up either which I just found out that I could do.  So never say never!  Woohoo!!!

What I wore:  My beautiful new Splits59 Ashby Courage tank, with Lorna Jane Clover bra under it.  Splits59 Nova capris and Nike Free Bionics again.  

To show you the sheerness level of this tank, I think this picture represents it pretty well.  I was a little self-conscious wearing it.  

Here's a picture my friend took of me while I was doing negative pull-ups!  I swear I had the fattest back before, but it has been getting leaner and more muscular since I've been training hard.  These changes are slow, but patience and hard work do pay off eventually... at least that's what I'd like to tell myself.  :)

 As to and from, I wore my Splits59 ribbed hoodie.  I was all Splits'ed out!  Hehe.

Want to see a really crappy picture I took of my work outfit from Wednesday?  Lol.  I took it in my work building's elevator.  I wore the Tahari ASL sleeveless ponte dress with an old Armani Exchange wrap over.  I seriously can't wait till fall gets here.  Hurry up already!  I'm tired of it being hot and sunny all the time lol.

Thursday 10/10

What I did:  I moved my usual Friday leg workout to Thursday.  Then my 30 minute cardio session.  It's tough to walk on 15% incline treadmill for 30 minutes right after you've been killing your legs for an hour.  Ugh.

What I wore:  My cool new Lorna Jane outfit, courtesy of Lorna Jane!  Portia bra in hyper lime and Kudos F/L tight.  I wore my Lululemon cool racerback in wish blue since it matches the inner lines of the tights perfectly.  Nike Free Bionic shoes.

As to/from, I wore my old school Lululemon Run Brisk in bold blue.  Bold blue is very similar to wish blue, but it has a little bit more purple undertone.  It might be my favorite Lululemon color of all time. This pullover is one of the items in my closet I'll never consider selling.  

Friday 10/11

What I did:  My last weights session!  I got my new workouts so I actually started the new one.  It's not too different.  Still upper body supersets.  Then I did my last cardio session as well.  Then went home and packed for the trip!  So busy!!!

What I wore:  Whole entire Lorna Jane outfit!!!  Lorna Jane Tempo Excel tank with Lorna Jane Duo bra in yves blue under it.  Lorna Jane Mosaic F/L tight worn as 7/8 tight, and matchy matchy Nike Frees in violet!  I was so happy I found the perfect match to the shoes without being super duper obvious!

See, the orange on the mosaic print of the tights match the orange in the shoes!!  Lol... little things like these make me happy.  

Lastly, my work outfit from Friday!  I wore an Express v-neck sweater over an old Victoria's Secret pink button down shirt with French cuffs.  Of course Express wide waistband editor pant again, this time in charcoal, and Ivanka Trump pinkish pumps which are pale pink and match the pink shirt!  I guess I was in a matching mood on Friday.

That's all for now!  I hope you all are having a great weekend!  Bye for now.  :)

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