Friday, November 5, 2010

Express Sweaters

I go back and forth with Express stuff.  I haven't shopped there in quite a while until recently.  I find a lot of their stuff really great for work - they are generally comfortable, look good, and they always have deals going on.  But some of their items are rather poor in quality.  It's really hit or miss I think.  I don't like spending too much on single pieces for work, for variety's sake, but I also don't want to wear cheap looking clothes.  I really needed some sweaters to wear to my freezing office though, and Express happened to send me a spend $100 get $30 off card and also free shipping so I bought a few things from their site.  I received them a few days ago and I'm pretty happy with them.  I think I will get a lot of use out of them!

By the way, I really love the model pictures on Express's website.  They make all their clothes look so good!  They do a pretty good job styling too, with accessories or matching pieces.  Sometimes I'm really tempted to buy a whole outfit when I see a really great pic!

Shirred V-Neck Long Sleeve Tee:

I love this top!  The color I got as shown above is called midnight plum.  I like that name.  This top is very cute and flattering on.  It's form fitting but not tight, and it moves with the body since it's cotton with spandex in it.  The material is thicker than what I expected as well.  It actually reminds me a lot of my Lululemon Run:Brisk which I've been waiting for the re-release.  Even the back of the collar is ruched like the Run: Brisk!  All for only $24.  I think I may have to get it in another color.  I'm eyeing the bright red one, or even the heathered grey.  It works great for work because it looks more dressed up than a cotton long sleeve tee, but at the same time it is very comfortable.  Looks cute with pants or a skirt.  And of course I can wear it when I'm not at work as well so that's 24 bucks very well spent.  I got this in a size XS which is a perfect fit - they sure do love their vanity sizing at Express!

I also got two basic V-Neck sweaters.  One in violet, which really looks like dark purple.  And another in soft camel.

I really love the purple color!  It's just gorgeous.  This sweater is on the thin side, which is to say it is the perfect weight for the weather here.  The V neck does have a wider opening than I thought.  So I guess I need to layer a cami underneath like they did with the models.  I don't really mind that, since I normally layer under sweaters anyway.  Otherwise they can get scratchy.  I also got these in size XS and they fit well.

This sweater is selling for $39 each, but with my discount cards I got all 3 tops for $80 after taxes.  So that's like $25 a piece.  Can't beat that!  I still have 4 other discount cards, so I may have to make another purchase soon.  I'm thinking another color in this sweater would be great too.  It's just a great basic!  So I think I've figured it out - I should only be shopping at Express for basics like these, or work pants / jackets, etc.  All the casual tees and stuff I've bought from Express I haven't been too happy with after a few wears.  But I still wear their Editor pants almost everyday!  They still look new and fit well after many wear and washes so they are a keeper for sure!


  1. Nice deal you got there! I like basic, but nice, tops like the fitted v-neck sweaters. I'm wearing something similar that I got from Banana Republic a couple winters ago. I can wear it to work with dress pants or a skirt, and it looks good with jeans too. I should revisit Express, I haven't been there in a while and I'm feeling a little bored with my usual stores.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I get so bored with my work wardrobe. I literally stand in my closet for days every morning because I don't want to wear any of the stuff I have. Hahaha. I think Express is having some $30 off $75 deal right now. But if not, let me know if you want the discount code - I have so many of these discount cards that I will not use them all!


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