Friday, October 25, 2013

Karma Rosa Dress - Super Cute!

I got this Karma Rosa dress, new with tag, on ebay for like 10 bucks including shipping lol.  I've seen this brand in some of my yoga/pilates studios, as well as Nordstrom here.  But I have never tried anything from them.  I did get a Karma tank and scarf which I am selling, from my big lot purchase from ebay a while ago.  But I haven't actually worn them.  The tank feels super comfy on though, it's like this seamless material and fits great.  But the print is not my kinda thing.  This Rosa dress I got is super cute though.  It is a size XS.  It is definitely figure hugging, but thankfully not too tight.  It's made in Canada too.

I am not really a fan of asymmetrical hem on dresses, but I actually like it on this one.  I also like that the shoulders are different on each side as well.  I especially love the little cutout on the back.  It's made of soft cotton.  I think the overall cut of this dress is very flattering.  So, I pretty much love everything about this dress.  10 bucks!!!  Can't beat that price.  

Too bad it's finally getting cooler here!  I might have to wait a while before I can wear this dress!  Unless I might be able to get away with wearing it to work with a cardigan or jacket over, since the length is long enough and the front covers up quite a bit.  I have to stare at my clothes for a while and see what will work with it!  So exciting.  :)

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