Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Two More Tahari Arthur S. Levine Dresses!

So obviously Tahari Arthur S. Levine is my favorite dress brand now for reasonably priced work appropriate dresses.  I always keep an eye out for this brand on those flash sale sites, and they do pop up quite frequently.  So last time when they were on ideel , I got 2 more for $50 each.  I am definitely keeping one, and I am still deciding on the second, but leaning towards keep.

The first one I got is called Sleeveless Ponte Dress:

I think this dress is super cute, and I really like the color combo and fabric texture for fall/winter.  The funny thing about this dress is that I accidentally ordered a size 2!  I know from experience with my other dresses from this brand that size 4 would be ideal.  And I really thought I ordered a 4!  But I think I accidentally clicked on the wrong size or something.  But when I saw that it was a size 2 (and checked that I indeed ordered a 2), I was freaking out thinking that it would not fit.  

Well, who knew that it actually fits perfectly!  I am so happy, because one size up would have been too large for sure.  So I inadvertently ordered the correct size!  This is what it looks like on me:

And here is a shot of the close up of the fabric:

The only thing about this dress is that it is not lined, and the fabric is not very thick.  This was a little weird, since the other dresses I have are lined with thicker fabric.  So this dress could be a bit see through under the right lighting, but not too bad - you can only see the outline of my legs but not really anything else.  But that can be fixed by wearing some slip thing under.  Anyway, so I am overall very happy with this dress and I am definitely keeping it!  I already wore it to work actually, so tags are off!

The second dress I got is called the Slit Neck Sheath Dress:

I ordered this one in a size 4, and it is actually a little bit loose.  Hmmm maybe I can wear both sizes in this brand, or they are a bit inconsistent.  I don't mind it being a little loose though, since it is white/ivory and all.  I am just not sure if I will wear it enough to work because of the color.  The style is good though, and this one is lined which is a must for such a light color.    

So I am leaning towards keeping this dress.  But I think I'll let it hang there for a few more days with tag on, and try it on a couple more times before making the final decision.  

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