Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Funday!

Does anyone else feel like last week was the longest week ever and this weekend went by super fast??  Maybe it's because I got back pretty late last Sunday from Vegas so I started off my week being very tired, but the week just seemed to drag on forever!  I also made numerous trips to ship out the newest things I put up for sale.  I think I now have the US to Canada first class shipping rates memorized by weight!  Haha!  On a more exciting note, I received my Canadian candies on Thursday!  A couple weeks ago, I joined this Canadian/US candy exchange on one of the Lululemon facebook groups I am in.  So each US person is paired with a Canadian person, and you send each other candy that is unavailable in the other country.  My candy buddy and I didn't really have any requests for each other, so it was all a surprise to me what I would be getting!  Well... here is everything I got!

I am obsessed with Kinder chocolate, so I was so happy to get some of them!  The eggs have toys inside!  Lol!  Why don't they sell them in the US???  I loaded up on them when I went to Europe, I think they single handedly contributed to my gaining like 10 lbs during a 3 week vacation there.  Everything else I got is great too, the Cadbury chocolates are always good.  I used to eat a lot of those when I lived in Australia (see all the clues to why I am a fat kid at heart?  lol).  The Maynards are like gummy candies.  Aero chocolate has air bubbles in them, and taste pretty good.  Coffee Crisp is very good as well.  And the Lays ketchup chips are interesting.  I actually don't like ketchup, but I had heard about these chips and was very intrigued.  It's better than I thought!  I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with this poutine mix.  I've heard of poutine but never tried it - there is actually a restaurant in LA that apparently makes good poutine.  But I'm not sure about making it myself for the first time, not knowing what it's supposed to taste like lol.

Anyways, my candies are dwindling way faster than they should be.  I realize that I should not have participated in this if I wanted to keep my diet clean, but I just couldn't resist... hahaha.  I try to keep it to less than 100 calories worth a day, but these candies are sneaky, sometimes they just find their way into my belly.  :)

I worked out pretty hard this week though!  I had to work extra hard since I binged at the Bucchanal buffet last Sunday.  Still think it was worth it though....

Monday 9/30
What I did:  Lower body circuit weights, followed by 30 minutes of cardio intervals on the treadmill at 15%.

What I wore:  My newest Lorna Jane Replay Excel tank, with Lorna Jane Clover bra under it.  Lululemon Team Spirit crop in coal, and Nike Free Bionics - I wore these shoes for every workout this week!  Love them!

Tuesday 10/1
What I did:  Upper body weights for bicep and back, followed by 30 minutes of cardio.

I love the back of this tank!  This tank is top contender for my best purchase this year.

This work outfit is not all that exciting, but it's my go-to when I can't decide what to wear, so I thought I'd share.  I have like 6 Express portofino shirts in different color.  All my work pants are Express wide waistband Editor pants, I think I have like 10 pairs.  So if I can't decide what to wear, I just throw on some combo of them and voila!  Easy as can be.  This particular combo is the portofino shirt (back when it was called convertible long sleeve shirt) in cayman blue (but it's really a light teal color) with wide waistband Editor pants in oatmeal.  I actually bought them at the same time!  It's like spring colors in the fall!  :)

Wednesday 10/2
What I did:  My tricep and shoulder weights followed by cardio.  I love/hate this weight day, because I start off doing 3 sets of body weight chin-ups, followed by 4 sets of negative pull-ups.  Then a bunch of other stuff.  Ughhhhh... my poor lats.  

Thursday 10/3 - Rest day, woohoo!  Same day my candies came!

Friday 10/4
What I did:  Lower body weights.  I kind of hate/love this one too.  Leg days are really tough.  I didn't have it in me to do my last cardio session of the week.

Saturday 10/5
What I did:  My last weights session of the week!  Upper body supersets.  Then I did my last cardio session of the week as well.

What I wore:  Lululemon Energy SL in potion purple with Splits59 Ginger 3/4 tight.  I totally forgot I had this tank.  That means I should probably sell it too.  I'm trying to downsize.  :)

Sunday 10/6
What I did:  I went to pilates class today.

What I wore:  Lululemon Cool Racerback in ocean stripe mellow lemon, with Lululemon Power Vinyasa crop, and my Zigi Kickin wedge sneakers!  Whenever I wear these crops, I get tooooons of compliments on them and everybody asking me where I got them from.  I went into Lulu store wearing them after my pilates class, and the employees there asked me about them too.  I guess they are not familiar with their own stuff from last year.  But I totally think Lululemon should bring back the jacquard mesh design!  I didn't take a photo from the back, so you'll have to click on the link above to see the mesh details if you are unfamiliar with these crops.  They are super cool!

Alright, that's it for the week!  I am preparing for another long week ahead, since I am going to be in San Francisco next weekend which means I have to get all my 5 weight sessions in without a rest day!  At least it will be a long weekend because I have Columbus Day off next Monday.  But still, I am mentally preparing to push hard all week!  Excited about going to San Francisco though!  I grew up there, but haven't been back in years since my parents moved away also.  Will be nice to see some old friends and visit old and new places!  I gotta research restaurants and hopefully I'm not too late to book reservations!


  1. Does that package say Chicken Bones?? What the heck are those? I'm thinking the Maple Lays sound pretty good. Great outfits...I adore that dance strap tank.

    1. Hahaha... funny you ask about the chicken bones... according to my candy buddy, it is a very popular snack in Atlantic Canada. It's like cinnamon covered dark bitter chocolate. The flavor is quite strong and takes some getting used to. The first one I had, I was like: yuck! Then it got better lol. But I'm still not sure if I like it. Have to eat a few more to decide.

      The maple Lays are not bad! You can definitely taste the maple. It's an interesting flavor. :)

    2. Interesting! That is totally not what I would expect something called Chicken bones to! Fun idea on the candy exchange.

  2. You can't mess up poutine! Just follow the directions, and pour it over fries and cheese. Curds work best, but you can use cubed or shredded if that's what you have in the fridge. It should have the consistency of gravy, perhaps a little runnier.
    Enjoy it!

    1. This doesn't sound healthy... lol... but I am curious what it tastes like! Ok, so just go buy some fries and melt cheese on top, then pour it over?? Sounds easy enough...

  3. Poutine is the best part of being Canadian! ;)

    I love the vinyassa crops so much but didn't get them. :( I want to love the journey crops ... they are about $8 less than the vinyassa crops but they are missing so much detailing that the vinyassa had, I just can't bite the bullet. I'd rather wait until lulu desings are cute and thoughtful again, with loads of (loving? lovable?) details.

    1. I tried on the Journey crops when they first came out... they are cute but nothing special IMO. Definitely not as special as the power vinyasa! I am so glad I kept them (at the time I thought they might be kinda hooch... lol!). I just bought the new paisley Run For Fun crops... they are really cute and look different. I love the embossed prints. But they are luxtreme... so, not quite like the power vinyasa crops.

    2. I thought the same thing! Lol! That they might be too hoochy ... And then I saw lots of pics but it was too late. This is totally how lululemon hooked me, I'm competitive! :)

      I agree, the embossed are super cute! And I really like the knee length.

      I love reading your blog - I think I like your style, and wishing ill find the time and commitment to work out as often as you :) thank you.

  4. I love Kinder chocolate too! I have a friend from Germany who has been bringing back the eggs w/the toys for years & then found out they're illegal here in the States! I'm not sure why they're illegal, something about choking hazard of toys in kids' food, blah, blah, blah.....

    1. Ohhh that makes sense. That is so American lol. Whatever!! How about the bars then?? I wonder why those can't be sold here...

    2. I have bought kinder chocolate in the US at a grocery store in a German neighborhood in Chicago.

  5. I first found your blog when I was new to lulu and your post with the power vinyasa crops kind of sold me on the brand. I wish I had a pair but they were long gone by the time I discovered them. I don't want to look like everyone else at the gym in boring black crops!

    I'm soooooooo jealous of your Canadian candy! I grew up in Europe and SE Asia and miss all the different flavors. Of course I've gone paleo now, so I'm not supposed to eat that stuff anyway, but if I'm going to cheat I'd rather do it with something interesting ;-)


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