Monday, June 6, 2011

Abercrombie Elaine Sweater

I bought more Abercrombie stuff online around Memorial Day weekend.  I just really love how soft my Josie sweater from there is.  I wear it allllll the time.  It is one of my favorites now.  I wear it to work mostly, and it's just so cute and comfortable.  So I decided to check back and see what else they had, because of course, I could always use another sweater.

Well, they have some pretty good sales going on!  The Elaine sweater is marked down to only 19 bucks!  I also had an additional 20% coupon code or whatever, so it ended up being only $14.  I got it in this burgundy color, which is lovely and I don't have any other sweater in this color family.

I actually thought it was just an ok looking sweater but nothing special.  But for the price, it was well worth it.  However, when I received it today and put it on, it is the cutest thing ever!  And just as soft as my Josey sweater.  It looks really good unbuttoned, with a blouse under it.  It is also a little bit shorter than I thought from looking at the picture.  The sleeves are long like all Abercrombie stuff, which is a plus for me.  I just love that look.  So I'm more than happy with this purchase.

I also picked up another Quinn knit shirt.  I have one in navy blue that I bought at the same time as the Josey sweater.  I love it, it's a great fit and a nice basic to have in the closet.  So I got another one in light heather gray, which looks almost white in person.  

Again, I love the long length of the sleeves.  This one is now on sale for $14, and with my additional discount code, I paid only $11.  So for both items I got from Abercrombie, after shipping and taxes it was still under $40.  Pretty good deals!  I must keep checking back at this store.  I can care less about their Ts and hoodies - I used to be into it back in high school but have definitely outgrown it by now!  But I do really like their sweaters and basic knit layers.  I wonder what it is they do to their stuff to make them sooooo soft??


  1. what size did you get in the sweater??

  2. I have never bought Abercrombie items before. I thought it is for teenagers. Do you think they are OK for women over 30 like myself?

  3. @jennifer: I got a size small in both of these. I think that is my normal size at A&F.

    @Anon: I do think a lot of their stuff is for teens and tweens. But if you get stuff without massive logo and varsity writing on it, I think it's still ok. I'd just stick with their sweaters and knits...

  4. I love Abercrombie's knits and sweaters, and they used to have the best khakis for work... Just ordered $200 worth of stuff. D'oh!!!

  5. I've never shopped at A&F, but after seeing your post I starting browsing online, and just ordered a few sweaters online. The prices were good and I found a code for 20% off, but I had to bite the bullet and pay the $15 shipping...

  6. A&F does charge a lot for shipping. I think I paid $10 last time, but it goes up as you order more. Lol. Why do some companies do that?? That is not good incentive to spend more money buying their stuff!! I like companies that offer FREE shipping! OR at least free once you hit a certain $ amount.

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