Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Winner for the Lash Allure Giveaway!!!

Hi everyone!  Thank you so much for entering the Lash Allure MD Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum Giveaway!  I created an Excel spreadsheet listing everyone in the order that I received your comments, either here on Blogger comments, or through the Facebook comment tool, and many of you have sent me emails as well.  I received 80 entries total.  I generated the list of numbers through random.org which is a random number generating site.

This is the set up:

And here are the top 5 numbers that were generated!

So, according to my spreadsheet, the corresponding winners are:

So congrats to the 5 of you!  Now please email me (mysuperficialendeavors@gmail.com) and let me know your address so I can pass your info onto Beauty Bioscience to ship to you.  But please do so before this coming Sunday 5/13, otherwise if I don't hear from you, I will have to pick new winners!

Congrats and I think you will love this product!


  1. Hey girl! I just purchased 3 ebb & flow crops (in all 3 colors) because lulu just restocked them today. I snagged them for $78 since on ebay they were selling for $120-$150 each and I was so happy I didn't buy them then. Do they fit true to size?

    1. Oh thanks for the heads up! I totally snagged a deep indigo pair too so I now will have 3 pairs of these as well! Yep they do fit true to size.

  2. Do you have an email address so I can send you an email?! Thanks :)


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