Thursday, May 17, 2012

Josh Brody Blouson Top V-Neck Dress

So the last of my dresses from my recent binge has arrived, and I think it's a winner!  It is called the Josh Brody Blouson Top V-Neck dress, from ideeli.  I actually don't really have any black dresses that I can wear to any occasion, so I thought this one was a good candidate for something not too casual and yet not too dressy.

So it's a blousey tank style dress with some black sequins as decorations on the top.  The bottom is more fitted and I'm glad it's not too short or too tight.  It's actually really really comfortable on.  I kind of love it.

Here are the shots of the model wearing it, where you can see some details better, since my lighting is not so good:


They actually also make one that is cream color on top and black skirt on the bottom.  It is very cute too, but since I don't really have any full on black dresses I got this one instead.  It was only $29 too.  And this shall conclude my current dress shopping frenzy... for a little while at least!


  1. I like this dress. It looks way better on you than on the model. Very important to always have a little black dress... :)

  2. I totally agree with Becky!!

  3. I am reading the new rules of lifting for women with the intent to DO IT! R u following the diet? Would love to ask u some questions

  4. Thanks guys!

    @Michelle, I am so glad you got the book too! The workouts are awesome!!! I really like what he says about the nutrition part too. I've already been eating similar to what he says for a while now. You definitely have to combine food and workout to get the best results. You can ask me questions any time!

  5. I eat extremely healthy, all organic BUT I have been on WW for 15 months and have lost 130 lbs!! Now I am terrified to try the books diet because it is more 'points' then I am allowed... I work out really hard a lot currently And think the program looks great, but 7 points for a before workout snack when I only have 26 pts a day... I guess I could always just try it and see, do you count calories? Do you eat as many as the plan suggests? Also.. When going through reps if for example week one says 2 of 15 reps do you do the exercise and then do it again or do you move on to the next exercise and then repeat the whole cycle for a total of 2? Does that make sense?

    1. Wow that's very impressive that you lost 130 lbs in such a short time! I am not familiar with the point system and I don't count calories. I just eyeball my portions. I just make sure that I eat frequently (about 5 meals/snacks a day), and each meal/snack I try to get the correct proportion of the macronutrients (protein, carb and fat). I eat about 100g of protein a day, and I would guess about 80g of carb. I've actually been trying to increase my fat intake from like under 50g a day to more, because I'm trying to eat more calories and fat has the most calories (1g of fat = 9 calories, whereas 1g of protein and 1g of carb both = 4 calories). I get my fat mostly from coconut oil, peanut butter or avocado. It's hard for me to eat enough calories when I'm trying to get it from healthy sources. I think I could increase my protein intake to about 1g per pound that I weigh (and in turn lower my fat intake), but I find it hard to eat so much protein as well. I don't think it really matters, but I also try to eat carbs earlier in the day and only have some kind of protein and veggies for dinner. It just makes me feel better, that's why I do that. But if you workout at night, you should have some kind of carb afterwards for energy.

      For the workout, I alternate the 2 workouts. So 1 workout of 15 reps, then the 2nd workout of 15 reps, then back to the first one for 15 reps and 2nd one for 15 reps.

      Hope this helps!


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