Friday, May 4, 2012

More New Dress - To Keep Or Not To Keep??

I bought some more dresses from ideeli a couple weeks ago and they arrived today.  I swear, I went on like a mini dress shopping spree.  I really like this Leilani Bali Beach Maxi Dress, but I need help with the other one because I kind of like it from the front but the side does nothing for me!  So here they are:

First is the Leilani maxi:

I actually really heart this dress.  The material is super soft and lightweight, and feels cool to the touch.  The fit is perfect since it's not too tight and yet still gives shape.  I can wear it with a regular bra under or a bikini under.  It's perfect!  The print is kind of fun and the bottom makes it different.  I do need to get it hemmed off an inch or so though, because I'm wearing heels in this photo and it's still a little long.  I'm a shortie, hehe.  I paid $39 for this dress down from retail of $99, which I think is pretty awesome!

Here are photos of the model wearing it over a bikini top, and some up close details:

Love the 3 button front detail

So the next one is the Cherry Stix Floral Tank dress.  I like the fun beachy print for the summer, and I think the front view looks cute.  But the side really really makes me look preggers!  And I do admit the print looks a bit juvenile.  My hubby thinks the fit makes me look too boxy and I should return.  What do you think??  It's only $12.  Worth it?  Or return it and save my $12 for a sandwich?  Lol.

Here are the photos of it on the model:


I also got some flat Dolce Vita sandals - "Mylie".  I thought I could bring them with me to my Turkey/Greece trip in June, since I do not want to wear my flip flops (too casual & American) and also don't want to wear sneakers (too hot) or heels (too uncomfortable for long walks).  They are uber flat, but I'm not sure if they will be ok for all day wear while walking around.  Maybe the straps will cut in and give me blisters or cuts.  I will have to test them out and try to wear them in before I go.

These sandals are made entirely of leather which I like because I think synthetic materials in shoes make the feet stinky.  The straps are a white/cream color that is a bit shiny like patent leather.  They are pretty comfortable on during my home test, but you never know!  I think I will keep these though.  The price was not bad - $52, down from $129.


  1. The first dress is adorable! Lovvvveeee it! The second dress isn't horrible, but I do think the print looks a bit young. Personally, I wouldn't keep it just because I'm not a fan of the print, but it really doesn't look bad on you.

  2. I would return the second one. It's not cut very well. $12 is still $12!
    The first one is very cute on you. I would never have guessed it would look nice from website the photos!

  3. The $12 dress does look like a preggo dress...sorry :( The first dress looks GREAT though! I would definitely try out those sandals first. I found "hard-soled" sandals like those to be hard for walking all day. Maybe look into some cute Born (or similar brand) sandals? They don't ALL look matronly I promise!

  4. Yes yes yes to the first dress. I want it!!

    No to the second dress. Return it. You have too cute a shape to wear that second dress.

  5. The first dress is gorgeous. The second dress, for $12 I say keep it and use it for lounging when it's really hot in the summer or something! Or, try and make it work - do you have a belt you could try cinching in the waist with?

    1. +1, belt it (maybe something brown or canvasy) but this may make it balloon out at the hem. Otherwise, you could return it or keep it for a pregnant friend?
      If you really find it comfortable, maybe you could have it tailored do decrease the angle on the A-line...should be easy to do.

  6. Not a fan of the strap placement on the second one, and it's not doing you any favours from the side. You can find more flattering, I'm sure!

  7. Keep the first dress for sure!! It is gorgeous on you :)

  8. Having been pregnant until two weeks ago, I don't think you look pregnant at all! As always, you look beautiful :)

  9. The second dress is not to keep for me! The color is nice but the form is not pretty.
    The first dress are very cute!

  10. the first dress is cute, keep. the second dress does nothing for your figure, return. also, the sandals are cute but not for travel/walking - get something truly comfortable and supportive that you can walk in at length. I highly recommend the birkenstock gizeh (black patent would be my top choice). looks really cute with everything from jeans to shorts to under unders to skirts/dresses and very supportive and comfortable.

  11. ^ under unders ^ in the above comment should read wunder unders

  12. get Born or Naot shoes for travelling, they are cute and functional. Teva is a bit rustic.

  13. Thanks for your advice everyone! I will return this dress, and check out the other brands of sandals!


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