Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Funday! With New Lash Allure Giveaway Winner!

Since I never heard back from one of the winners for the Lash Allure giveaway, I have drawn a new winner.  I took out the previous 5 winners that were picked, so the new number was based on 75 entrants.  And here's the random number generated by!

And the new winner is Momof5!  Please email me ( and let me know your shipping address on or before this Friday May 18th!  Beauty Bioscience has informed me that they will be shipping out all 5 winners products at once, so the sooner you contact me with your address, the sooner everyone will get their Lash Allure products!

Ok now, onto the outfits and workouts for this week.  I am happy to say that I finished stage 5 of my New Rules of Lifting for Women lifting program!  I'm still getting stronger still!  It's like it will never stop, which is awesome.  It's seriously amazing what your body can do if you put in the work.  I can see and feel more muscular definition on my body, and yet I lost 2 lbs in the past few weeks which is hard for me to do now.  Since muscle weighs 3 times more than fat, that means I have lost more than 2 lbs of fat!  At least, that's what I deduce from it lol.  So hopefully I can get nice cut arms at some point!

I took Monday and Tuesday off last week as rest days, but I have a work outfit to show!  I wore my Tahari Sara skirt, which is a very dark navy blue, with this Express ruffle tank top and my Calvin Klein suit jacket over it.  Even though the jacket is in black, it actually looked fine together!  I also wore my Ivanka Trump Pinkish pumps which matched the light pink shirt!                             


Wednesday 5/9
What I did:  Lifted.  Workout B of stage 5.

Thursday 5/10
What I did:  Lifted again, the last round of stage 5, workout A.

What I wore:  Lululemon Centered Energy Bra in flash, with wish blue cool racerback over.  These 2 colors look amazing together!  Though I don't think the photo does it justice.  For the bottom, I wore my Astro Wunder Under crop in black slub denim and Adidas Adizero Adios 2 shoes.

Friday 5/11 - Rest day

Saturday 5/12
My mom came into town and she was going to be busy this morning.  So we went out to mother's day brunch yesterday instead.  It was a very nice weekend, so I wore my Alternative Apparel white burnout tank with the flash Centered Energy bra under again.  It's so cute under a white tank!  I also wore my new Abercrombie Josey shorts.

I love this bra, it's so comfortable and cute at the same time.  Here's the back showing under the white tank:

For my workout yesterday afternoon, I went to the gym and finished off my stage 5 lifting program!  I wore my Lululemon majestic cool racerback with grape seed Energy bra under.  Paired with the white denim Dhanurasana crop and NB shoes.

I wore my ultra violet 1/2 zip swiftly top as to/from since it was a bit chilly at night.

Sunday 5/13
What I did:  I worked out so hard today.  Sprinted super hard on the treadmill for like 3.5 miles on and off.  And did lots of different circuit stations with the ropes and weights.  I think I almost fainted at some point lol.

What I wore:  Lululemon electric orange cool racerback with bright blue Flow Y bra under.  And Run Fast Shorts, with Nike Frees.

I also threw on my white swiftly top as to/from.

And that's it!  I hope everybody had a good weekend, and a great Mother's Day to all the moms out there!


  1. Thanks again -- so excited!!

    I was finally able to grab a pair of the ebb and flow crops in indigo this weekend
    How do you like working out in the white denim crop? I am so on the fence about them!!

    My daughter has all the shorts you bought -- I love them , they look great on you -- and you can't beat them for the price, they hold up really well too -- -- She would have a FIT if I bought the same ones!! Bahahaha!!

    1. So happy for you that your number came up! I hope you like the product. =)

      Oh I bought a pair of indigo ebb and flow crops too! And I love the white denim crops though you will definitely get stares from people at the gym. Pervs lol. But I don't find them see through at all and they don't show sweat.

      Haha that would freak me out if my mom bought the same shorts as me too. Same clothing items in general actually. It's a psychological thing. =)

    2. Thx -- I never win anything!!

      Funny -I wish my daughter had the same aversion to wearing the same thing as me while she rummages thru my closet or make up drawer!!! ; )

  2. I love your Ivanka Trump Pinkish pumps. They look like to "fifi nude" Louboutin.
    For the beach (in Greece) your outfit of Saturday 5/12 are very beautiful! ;)

    1. Thanks! I am definitely looking for different things I can wear in Greece. So excited!!

  3. Wish or pigment blue also looks FANTASTIC with paris pink! =D

    1. Sounds good together! But I don't have any bras in Paris pink :(

  4. I enjoy seeing your fun combinations of outfits. Hard to believe but I have only counted one other woman at my gym wearing Lulu........and I live in a big city. My real reason for commenting is asking about Whiskey. Where is he? He always had such cute actions shots in your photos!

    1. Hahaha I guess he doesn't like me anymore? Lol... Or he's just been lazy. We took him on an 8 mile hike last week and he literally slept for 2 days straight afterwards. Hehe

  5. I would have never though to layer a bra under a burnout tank! This whole time i've been staring at burnout shirts in complete confusion on how to wear them!

    1. Haha that's so funny! I think burnout tanks are great for this reason. But a normal bra might look a little hooch, so a sports bra works perfectly. =)

  6. hey just stumbled upon your blog looking at lululemon pics, you wear really cute clothes! I just ordered the New Rules of Lifting for Women, I've been doing hot yoga for 2 months but need to get stronger so I'm going to start lifting too, thanks for the rec


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