Monday, May 7, 2012

Cute Workout Tanks from Zella!

I ordered some stuff from Nordstrom's Zella brand last week after seeing facebook ads (I'm totally one of those suckers that clicks on facebook ads).  I had heard of Zella but never really looked into it or tried on anything from them before.  But after seeing this cute baby doll style tank on the facebook ad, I was hooked.  It's actually reminiscent of some Lululemon tanks, and they all come with built in shelf bra with cup inserts, like Lulu!  To be honest, that is the only reason I started buying Lululemon years ago.  Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns, so I decided to order some and see for myself.  I read the reviews which all said to size up from your normal size so I ordered size M for the tanks.  Wrong!  Whoever these people are, they've been shopping only at vanity sizing stores.  Everything I got was too big.  So I'm going to exchange them, but they are still very cute.

So this is the tank I saw on the facebook ad, the Stripe Pointelle Babydoll tank.  It comes in this "aqua tint" which is very very similar to Lululemon's aquamarine.  And also white.  I ordered the white one, since I already have the aquamarine Lululemon Dance Strap tank which is somewhat similar babydoll style.  Although I also have a white Dance Strap tank, I guess I forgot when I ordered it.

The only back picture they have of this tank online is in aqua tint.  I love how the back looks:

This tank in size M is definitely too big for me.  The chest is loose and not supportive at all, though somehow it makes your boobs look bigger and waist look smaller.  That's a good thing of course.  The body in size M is very bellowy so I'm hoping size S would be a little better.  You may not be able to tell in this picture though.  Here's what it looks like:

The bottom is very much like my Dance Strap tank, and it has a never-ending cinch cord as well.  The material feels kind of like Lululemon's silverescent run tanks, like in the Tame Me tank.  Up close, the fabric actually has black stripes, though subtle.  

The inner bra is mesh as well, but a bit stiffer than Lululemon's mesh bras.  However, this tank is made very well and it's cheaper than Lulu ($48).  So it's definitely a good buy.  I might actually return it and get the aqua tint one in size S instead.

I also got the Strappy Babydoll Tank in pink floral:

This tank is actually a little bit smaller fit than the Stripe Pointelle, and I could probably get away with the size M.  The cord on the bottom of the tank is not the kind that loops around.  You actually have to tie it.

Here's a crappy back picture I attempted to take, it was the best I could do!

I love the back of this tank.  The print is fun and different from anything I have too.  The material is more like Lulu's luxtreme, so it's more of a silky/buttery feel.  

I took a picture of the inner bra, not sure if you are able to see clearly enough:

So the bra insert goes from the outside of the cup just like Lululemon tanks too.  I love that the cups are already in there when I received these tanks though, unlike Lululemon whom you have to call and beg for some inserts to be sent to you separately.  It's just a hassle and not cool.  I really like this tank, I might just keep it in size M since I don't want to give it up!

Lastly, I ordered the V-Neck Hoodie in "blue iris" which is exactly like Lululemon's power purple, not sure why they call it blue.

Again, the back photo they have of this hoodie is only in aqua tint:

I actually ordered this in a size S since I saw how baggy it looks.  But it's still too big!  Definitely need a size XS in this one.  But it's very cute, and makes your boobs look huge for some reason.  You can cinch the sides so it's more like a shirt, or wear it longer like a tunic:

And my best effort of the back photo:

I really like the color of this top and it's super comfy on.  I can see it being a throw on to and from the gym kind of top, or just to wear around while running errands or something.  It's very light weight and stretchy.  The feel of the fabric is also more like Lulu's luxtreme.  

So other than the sizing issue, I actually really like what I ordered from Zella!  I can't wait to get the right size and try them out during a workout.  The construction on them looks really nice, so I can see them lasting for a long time.  I think I will keep an eye out for their tanks and mix them with my Lululemon tanks.  


  1. I actually had my eye on that hoodie for a few weeks. It's in my Nordstrom's cart but I always end up getting so much Lulu that I feel like I don't need even more workout clothes. Looks so cute on you! Might have to get it now. I especially like the flowery tank cuz it can double as casual wear. Hoodie looks blue on your pics.

    1. Thanks! I think blue and purple sometimes get mixed up in photos, but the hoodie definitely looks like Lululemon's power purple to me in person... it's a great vibrant purple!

  2. Thank you sooo much for reviewing those. I love them all!! Especially the hoodie. Those tanks are super flattering on you. You have a great figure. I think it's funny that you keep saying that "somehow" they make your boobs look bigger. . .um, maybe you just have bigger boobs!! Just saying!

    1. Hahaha you are funny! I really don't have big boobs though lol. Some clothing items do enhance them more than others!

  3. I also forgot to mention that I own the Live In Capri pants and I really like them, too.
    They're not as super soft as Wunder Unders, but they're a better length (just under knee), they don't attract lint as much and are smoother looking.

    1. Cool thanks! I will have to look into that too. Really liking this line so far...

  4. Tops are really cute but what I like the most, are your flocks! Beautiful hair!

    1. Thanks! I've been playing with curling it with my straightener. =)

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