Monday, April 5, 2010

Victoria's Secret Swim Suits

Ok so I splurged a little the other day on Victoria's Secret's website.  I needed a new bathing suit, but I bought 3!  Well 3 and a half technically because I bought a smaller size in a bottom that I already have from there that's too big.  The deals were just too good!  I mean I know Victoria's Secret has cheap swim suits but these were on super sale for like $9 each!

I didn't know what size to order.  So I just ended up ordering all XS in tops and bottoms alike, and crossed my fingers that they would fit.  I received them in the mail a couple days ago and they all fit very nicely! I'm very glad!

What I bought are:

Polkadot Bandeau top and matching fold over low-rise bottom in coral:

It looks like a hot pink color in the photo, but I think it looks red in person.  I was hoping for the hot pink but oh well, it's still super cute.  I love how the top is mostly white and the bottom is reversed in mostly coral.

The strap of the top is removable so you can wear it as a strapless top as well which is nice for tanning - won't get those tank lines!  It did tend to fall down a little, so maybe I needed to tie the back more.  The fold over style of the bottom is awesome.  I really like the low rise look.  It's flattering and does not cut into the skin.  I think it's the most flattering of all bottom styles they offer.  This set is the most expensive ones I bought at $15 for the top and $14 for the bottom.  Awesome!

Next, I got the Push Up Halter Top in green plaid and low rise tanga bottoms in jade

The top has built in push up padding which I did not know when I ordered.  It's not bad and definitely does the job!  Gives a nice cleavage.  I like the plaid look, it's very different and cute.  I got the jade colored bottoms as shown in this photo, because I like the mismatched look - they do match at the same time!  But I didn't get it in the double tie string style as shown above.  I got it in the low rise tanga style like this picture below:

By the way, I actually really like the swim suit in this picture too, but it was more expensive so I didn't get it.  Anyway, I just posted it to show the style of the bottom I got in jade.  It's like a low rise style but the sides are sort of rouched and you can adjust the width.  I actually found that this style cuts into the skin more than the others.  But not so bad that it's unwearable.  Maybe I just need to tone up more!  Haha

So after I got the green plaid top and the jade bottom, I decided, since they are only $9 a piece, why don't I just order the reverse colors?!  That way I can mismatch the jade top and plaid bottom, as well as match plaid top with plaid bottom and jade top with jade bottom.  So that way I get 4 different outfits for under $40!

Hehe so I went ahead and got the jade top in the same style as the plaid top.  But the plaid bottom I got the low rise style instead of the low rise tanga style.  Confusing I know!  But it looks like this picture:

So basically it's just good old regular looking bottoms without fancy schmancy designs or strings or anything.  It looked in pictures like it would cut in the most but it actually fits really well. 

Next I decided to get a smaller size bottom in a swim suit that I got from my boyfriend over a year ago.  Yes it's still on their site!  I never wore the swim suit much because it didn't fit too well.  But the smaller size of the bottom made all the difference!  I now love it!  It's called the Floral Triangle Top and Micro-Scoop Bottom:

I LOVED the look of this bathing suit the first time I saw it on the cover of the Victoria's Secret catelogue.  It also comes in pink.  The top is not great for laying out in super hot weather.  It's more decorative.  I wore it in Vegas last year during a really hot day and the metal pieces on the top got so hot that they burnt my skin whenever my hand brushed them or something.  Not good.  But it looks good and I will wear it to the beach in LA in the mid 70s.  

The bottom is now on sale for $15 so I figured why not.  So glad I got it.  It really made all the difference!  It's a way lower rise now, and I can adjust the tightness on the sides.  It just gives the whole outfit a new look.  I think the lower rise of the bottoms makes me look skinnier but I could be delusional.  But whatever!  I love it!

I now need to find some exotic island vacations to go on so I can use all these swim suits!  I have at least 4 other ones laying in my "swim suit drawer".  So I will have a whole week's worth without having to repeat outfits!  Hehehe... so exciting!  I'm thinking somewhere in the Caribbean... soaking in the sun in my cute swim suits while drinking a tropical drink with a cute umbrella in it!  Ahhh....


  1. Have you worn your Victoria's Secret suits swimming yet? I also purchased a VS suit that I love ( I even got the matching tankini and a pair of black boyshort bottoms (I love that look). Anyway, when I'm in the pool, the suit feels all drooy and when I get out of the pool, the bottoms sag down. Is that a quality issue? Do you have problems like that with your VS suits?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It doesn't work when I try to link the suit. I guess it doesn't matter anyway :)

  4. Hi Andrea, I don't think links show up as links in comments, but if you copy/paste it into the browser, it works. Cute suit! I have actually wore all of mine - I did a lot of laying out by the pool last summer! I actually had the problem you are speaking of when I had a bottom that was a size too big. But when I got these in size XS, they fit tighter and stay in place really well. So maybe that is the reason for your issue too?

  5. Oh, that might be it. Maybe I should try ordering another bottom. I bet I look really silly with my soggy butt getting out of the pool. Luckily, my pool usage is only for toddler/baby swimming lesson.


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