Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Funday!

I've been eating so much this week!  My coach upped my calories to 2000/day and changed up my macro ratio.  I used to be on about 35% protein, 35% carb, and 30% fat.  I am now 45% carb (that's 220g of carb!), 25% protein and 30% fat.  More carbs for energy!  We had a talk during which I expressed that I didn't think I was making a whole lot of progress as far muscle building goes, given how much work I put into it.  He agreed that my body was just not able to really build a lot of muscles on a lower calorie diet (I was eating about 1500/day, then 1800/day but less % carbs).  But the caveat with eating more is that I'll probably gain some fat at the same time.  I would obviously like to keep that to a minimum, which means I can't up my calories too much and the muscles won't come as quickly as a full on bulk.  But anyway... as of this week, I am eating a lot more carbs than I've ever eaten before!  It's amazing though, because I don't feel bloaty at all - in fact it's the opposite.  I'm still getting hungry in between meals, and I'm not seeing any weight increase on the scale.  Of course, it's only been like 5 days so far.  So I'm not going to read into it much yet.  It's tough to get mentally prepared to gain weight though!  For some reason that still freaks me out even knowing that most of it should be from muscle gain.  Although, I'm not gonna lie... It is fun to eat a lot!  Lol!  But, I do try to use all the extra energy to train even harder at the gym and push my weight limits on all exercises.

Monday 6/16 - Rest day, since it is so hard to get up early on Mondays, I decided to just make it a rest day!

Tuesday 6/17
What I did:  Lower body workout.

What I wore:  Lululemon 105 F Singlet in brused berry, with Lorna Jane Somersault bra under.  Splits59 Nova capri tight, and Nike Free Bionics.

I love the combo of the sparkly black bra and the metallic stripes in the crops!  Little details like that bring the outfit together.

Wednesday 6/18 - Rest day again because I was so sore from my hard leg workout!

Thursday 6/19
What I did:  Shoulder & tri, then 30 minutes of cardio on the gauntlet.

What I wore:  Nike Camouflage burnout tank with Lululemon Free To Be bra in very green under.  Lululemon Wunder Under crops in wee are from space fatigue green, and Nike Free Bionics.


Friday 6/20
What I did:  Glute/back/bi day.

What I wore:  Lole Spiral tank with white Lululemon Free To Be bra under.  The new Lululemon reversible Wunder Under crops in bruised berry, and New Balance Minimus Road shoes.


I love the free to be bra under this tank:

So on Friday night, I went out with a couple friends and got to wear my new Zara Trafaluc print skirt!  I wore it with the black Express crotchet trim tee which I also just took the tag off even though I've had it for like 6 months!  I wore the Vince Camuto Jiris sandals and used my Rebecca Minkoff Leo crossbody bag as a clutch:

Saturday 6/21
What I did:  Lower body workout again, then 30 minutes of cardio.

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in groovy stripe nimbus, and Lululemon Power Vinyasa crop with NB shoes.

After the gym, I met up with a friend that I hadn't seen in a long time for coffee.  So I wore a shirt that I haven't worn for equally as long lol - Express dolman graphic tee and H&M lace skirt, with Ella Moss Evelyn wedge pumps.

Sunday 6/22
What I did:  Last workout of the week!  Upper body supersets and then cardio.

What I wore:  I finally took the tag off the Old Navy Active knotted racerback tank and wore it.  I like this tank!  Such a great price.  I wore my Lorna Jane Beyonce bra for the first time too, with Elisabetta Rogiani Sport Band 3/4 crop in berry, and NB shoes again.


After the gym today, I went out and about to run errands, such as grocery shop.  So I threw on something comfy and in the same color scheme as the workout outfit!  G by Guess Calla Lily Linen pant in electric rose, and this awesome tee I got from a local artist a long time ago that is a green panda.  I love pandas, and I think it's so cute that he painted himself green!  I don't know why but it makes me laugh lol.

The back says "Going Green" with the letter i being a bamboo:

Here's the close up of the panda with the brush who painted himself green.  It's gotta be the cutest environmentally responsible message around!

Sorry about the bra underneath... I was too lazy to change into a different one!

And off I go to eat more food!  Lol.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend with lots of good food too!  =)

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  1. I was wondering how carefully you count calories or grams of carbs or protein.

    I occasionally will count everything as a check but more often try to make my plate half vegetables and make sure to eat protein with every meal.

    1. I have gotten pretty good at eyeballing what my portions should look like, so I don't carefully weigh my food anymore. I used to though, and I did for quite some time until I felt comfortable enough to eyeball. But I do eat within my macros for each meal and make sure it tallies up by the end of the day. I usually eat the same things anyway, so there's not a lot of calculations I have to do. It only becomes harder if I go out to eat, which does not happen all that often - I try to cook everyday!

  2. Love your Thursday green outfit!! So cute!

  3. Hi! How do you like the Rogiani crops? I've been wanting to try them forever, but can't get off the Lulu bandwagon. Have you experienced any pilling with them? Thanks!

    1. The material is quite nice - no pilling whatsoever. This particular style is definitely lower rise than most Lulu crops though. That's ok for the most part, but I do have to pull them up sometimes. Also, her sizing is kind of inconsistent and seems to be color-dependent. I have 4 pairs of the same style in different colors, 2 pairs feel a lot more compressive than the other 2. Oh, also this style has no flat locked seams and no gusset. So I dunno if they are worth the price lol. I got mine for free when I worked for her at the LA FitExpo.

  4. My Lorna Jane 3/4 Amy tights have no gusset as well, so I haven't worn it yet though I've had it for weeks. Thought gussets were a basic feature and was shocked that there wasn't. Do you find gusset-free capris ok to do cardio in?

    1. I actually don't notice it at all - none of my LJ tights have gussets. I've done weights and cardio in them. I thought gussets were mainly there to reduce the cameltoe look lol. But I think it does bother some people to wear pants without gusset. When you put on the tights, do you feel any discomfort? If not, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

  5. Hi! The Somersault bra is so pretty! Do you think it would work for spin or elliptical as well as for weights? Just wondering how supportive you find it to be!


    1. I think it's quite supportive actually. I have it in size S and it fits a bit tighter than my other LJ bras in size S. I love it because it's so pretty and goes with everything!


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