Friday, June 13, 2014

Zara Trafaluc Printed Skirt

I went to Zara today hoping to exchange the white shorts I bought last week for a bigger size.  Unfortunately the bigger size was too big, so after some contemplating, I decided to return it - it was just too short and tight in the back for me!  Instead, I picked up this cute printed skirt from the Trafaluc line - I think it's the cheapest line they carry?  It's only $19!  I am really digging the black/white prints lately.

It's a tight fitting, pull-on style jersey skirt.  I normally get size S in everything, but I opted for the size M in this one so that it is not super butt hugging.  It's actually a very comfortable skirt.  Although I do think it might ride up as you walk because of how it's designed in the front with the ruching and shorter length.  So it might require pulling down from time to time - I'll have to test it out.  Whatever though, $19 is pretty cheap and I can use it as a beach coverup kinda thing too.

Here's the size M on me... with my newest obsession - the Maxstudio Elaine sandals!  Also C Luce moto jacket:

Here's a close up of the ruching in the front:

The size M is actually a little loose in the waist, but the hips fit well I think.  So this skirt probably has more of a straight cut.  The material is quite stretchy so I think it would still fit a wide variety of body shapes.  I think Zara makes many different colors/prints of this skirt style.  Last time I was there, I saw a bunch of different ones in solid colors.  There was a green leopard print one I saw today that looked fun!  But for some reason I'm just really loving the monotoned look lately.

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  1. Nice find! The skirt looks really pretty on you and what a good price!!


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