Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Funday!

Have you guys been watching the Winter Olympics in Sochi??  I love the Winter Olympics so I've been watching it a lot.  I think it must be mentioned that the Ralph Lauren Team USA sweater is a serious fail.  It's so costume-y!  I've been watching everything, but my favorite sport is the biathlon... lol seriously.  I wish I could do that!  It looks like so much fun.  I was watching the 10k race and was so happy for the 40 years old Norwegian guy that won with a penalty round!  I think I'm going to have to go to the next Winter Olympics and watch in person.  How awesome would that be!

Other than some lingering coughing symptoms, I've been feeling much better this week and like my old self again.  I've also pledged to not eat any crap this month!  I picked the shortest month to do that lol.  It's not like I've been eating really badly, but I kind of got into the habit of having one or two pieces of chocolate or something like that every night ever since the holidays, which really add up when you think about it!  It's been a week of no crap so far and I actually do feel better.  I've been back to the gym to do all my scheduled workouts this week, except for one cardio session that I did not have time for.  So it was a good week!

It's been getting a little cold here, so I was also able to wear my boots again!  Ahhh... it's been too long, I missed them!

Monday 2/3 - Rest day from the gym.  But here's my work outfit... Express marled rolled sleeve tunic sweater, Ann Taylor Icicle Tweed pencil skirt, and brown boots.

Since it was colder than it has been for a long time, and I was just recovering from being sick all week last week, I decided to bundle up!  I wore this old Express military style peacoat with my Indian pashmina scarf.  I usually take my LV Neverfull bag to work since I go to the gym right after work and use it as my gym bag lol.  But it was rest day so I took my favorite bag - Balanciaga City bag.

Tuesday 2/4
What I did:  I did my circuit workout followed by 30 minutes of interval walk on 15% incline treadmill.  I kind of felt like throwing up during the cardio session lol.  But I pushed through and it was ok!

What I wore:  All Lorna Jane!  Adrianna tank in jewel, with black Pammy bra under it, and Marvel 3/4 Tight.  Nike Free Bionics in purple... because the shoelaces go with the back of the tank.  :)

Splits59 Pose Fx racer pullover in white as to and from:

I like how it looks over the tank on the back!

Wednesday 2/6
What I did:  My second circuit, which took forever and I didn't have time for cardio afterwards!  But these circuit workouts get my heart rate up pretty high so it kind of feels like cardio anyways.  =P

What I wore:  White Under Armour Achieve tank over Lululemon Free To Be bra in laceoflage.  Rogiani Sport Band Gathered Leggings in berry (love this color!) and Nike Free Bionics in black.

I wore my Alo Sport Cozy Collar Pullover in powder pink as to and from.  It's one of my favorite tops!  Truly cozy and perfect for lounging around.

Thursday 2/6 - Rest day.  Here's another work outfit though.  Express Bateau Neck Sheer Stripe sweater, with Ann Taylor Wild Jacquard pencil skirt and black lambskin boots.

Friday 2/7
What I did:  Circuit #1 again!  Followed by cardio.  

What I wore:  Nike Camouflage burnout tank in gray, over Lululemon camo All Sport bra that I just got.  I don't think it was camo overload since the tank is very subtle!  Hehe.  Beyond Yoga Gathered Legging in mojave, which matches the Lulu bra quite well!  And Nike Free 3.0 shoes in gray/crimson.

Lorna Jane Motivate L/S top as to and from... though I didn't realize that it was that much shorter than the tank!  Oh well... hehe.

Saturday 2/8
What I did:  Last weight session of the week!  Circuit #2.  Then cardio.  This is such a long workout.  Took about 2 hours!  Yikes.

What I wore:  Splits59 Devon Scoop Back tank in twilight, with Lululemon Centered Energy Bra in flash under it.  Athleta Chaturanga crops in purple plaid, and New Balance Minimus Road shoes.

I wore the Roxy Daybreak LS tee, and my new Manitobah Tall Mukluks as to and from.  Lol.  I had some errands to run straight after the gym so I had to bring my clothes to change into after showering.  I wanted to wear these boots but they didn't fit in my LV bag.  I had no choice but to wear them to the gym!

How funny that the back of the Roxy top is exactly the same as the back of the Splits tank??

Sunday 2/9
What I did:  I did my stairs workout for the first time in 3 weeks.  I skipped last week since I was sick.  I don't remember why I skipped the week before.  I couldn't fit it in somehow.  This workout is only 20 minutes and I run/jump front and sideways up and down the stairs.  It's brutal!  I'm literally drenched in sweat afterwards.

What I wore:  Since I just did it in my building's staircase, I could wear Beyond Yoga white skort with Lululemon Swiftly racerback in spry blue, and Reebok Crossfit Forging Elite shoes.

And... lastly, my Sunday outfit for running around town!  Hardtail Forever T-Back sweatshirt with Express reversible camo/denim mini skirt, and Manitobah Mukluks again!  And of course my favorite bag.  :)

Can you tell that I'm obsessed with these boots already?  They are soooo comfy!  They keep my feet toasty warm.  But I was right, they do slouch because the calve opening is quite wide and the suede material doesn't have as much structure as napa leather.  Oh well!  It's not a big deal.  Another thing that bugs me more is that these pom pom things on the side come untied a lot as I walk.  When they are untied, they are way too long and bounce around which is quite annoying.  I probably should google some boy scout way to tie a knot that will not come undone!

Hope you all had a great weekend, and great week to come!

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  1. love these posts! could you do a whats in my bag/gym bag type post? :) i would love to hear your tips from getting to the gym to work/other places including products and stuff. i would love to start working out in the mornings but i feel like i have too much stuff to get from the gym to work including all of my clothes haha - thanks!

  2. I love the color on the pink express sweater.
    I wore my athleta plaid capris to the gym today. They are one my favorites!


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