Tuesday, February 11, 2014

AG Jeans Glitter Houndstooth Pewter Ankle Zip Leggings!

I got these awesome AG Jeans leggings from Ruelala a couple weeks ago, in glitter houndstooth pewter!  I love this combination of this print and color.  They look a bit brownish, a bit copperish and a bit pinkish from far away!  They are not exactly "glittery" though.  But as you can see, they do have sheen.

I got these in size 27 because that's all they had and I didn't know how AG jeans run.  I think I could have gone with 26 since the waist is a little loose.  But I'm fine with this size as well.  I'll just use a belt.  I think they fit fine elsewhere.  I like the length, and they are stretchy and comfy!

Here are some close up shots of the print.  It's different, and I love it!

These were actually not super cheap on Ruelala, at $89.  But I guess compared to the original price of $235, that is a good discount.  I like that these are not too loud and out there, and yet they are different enough to be noticed.  So I'm happy to add them to my collection!  :)

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